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What’s the deal with the blue tree on Wilton Road West?

Mimi and David van Wees and four children live in a beautiful blue classic home, where Main Street becomes Wilton Road West. When they bought the house in 2004, this birch tree was growing close to the house. Says David: “Mimi and I have always liked this tree. Since we have owned the house it had a history of seeming to die and then come back to life. A couple years back when we installed the circular drive, we replanted it from the corner of the porch to its current location. This summer the illness returned and was confirmed fatal by our local tree expert Todd Forest. We were bummed.”

Forest turned the van Weeses onto an artist named Konstantin Dimopoulos, who paints live trees with blue watercolor to bring attention to them and their beauty. “Our son Simon liked the idea and helped me prep the tree, and I simply painted it with a roller.”

He adds: “We have been surprised by the amount of positive feedback. Several people have stopped to take pictures, yell approval, or given a thumb’s up. Two people have come to our front door to let us know how much they like it. One lady said that it brings her joy and purposely drives by to see it. Overall it’s created some fun and conversation.” And a short article in a magazine.

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