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deep freeze

Cryo-Arctic is a new cryotherapy studio in Mt. Kisco where they treat inflammation and pain by exposing the skin to temperatures between -150°C to -180°C for three minutes in a whole-body cryotherapy machine. The studio’s owner, Sean Dawson, says “I suffered from lupus for over 20 years. I realized that medication was not working for me, and it was time to take control of my life.” Dawson, who is not a physician, found that cryotherapy was a life-changing treatment that he wanted to share with others.

Dawson says “Cryotherapy was first used in Japan in the 1970s to treat rheumatic diseases. Research has since established that it is a powerful adjunct treatment for reducing symptoms of pain and inflammation associated with a number of chronic conditions, while it can also significantly enhance overall health and wellness, improve recovery time for athletes, treat skin conditions, and helps to lose weight.”

In addition to whole-body cryotherapy, Cryo-Artic offers four additional treatments, including localized cryotherapy to target specific areas of the body and for facial treatments. The infrared sauna—sometimes preferred by those who can’t tolerate the frigid temperatures required for cryotherapy—uses light technology to reduce pain, encourage relaxation, and detox the body. Leg compression therapy can reportedly improve circulation for runners and cyclists. And, the Cryoskin treatment is used to tone and slim the body, as well as for facials. cryo-arctic.com

healing point

A native of Bedford, Chris Chen turned to acupuncture after he suffered a back injury and found that along with yoga, it alleviated not only his pain but also his suffering from asthma and allergies. As his health improved, he was driven to help others feel better and decided to learn more about the ancient form of traditional Chinese medicine that involves inserting ultra-fine needles into specific points on the body to trigger healing responses or to promote relaxation. He earned a degree at Tristate College of Acupuncture in 2009, and then he spent the past decade studying under Grandmaster Sung Baek, 75th Grandmaster of the Dong Han (Eastern Scholars) healing clan, a Korean Taoist tradition stretching back over 2500 years. 

Chen, who is now raising his family in Pound Ridge with his wife, Taylor, opened Eastern Scholars offices in both Katonah and Manhattan. He uses pulse diagnosis as a diagnostic tool first to determine how to proceed with treating his clients. He finds they fall into one of two categories: the curious who are looking to find an expanded state and those who are afflicted with a condition—often autoimmune—for which no other treatments have worked. For the first group, Chen says “acupuncture can create a profound state change,” and for the second group acupuncture can help stimulate our bodies’ own natural healing abilities. easternscholars.com

lose it for good

Why is it so hard to lose weight and so easy for the pounds to creep back on? The old answer was that weight loss and maintenance was a matter of willpower. Today’s answer is much smarter. It is informed by decades of research into why we gain weight. “Our relationship with food is very complicated,” says Rachel Goldman, FNP-BC, CDE, Nurse Practitioner and Coordinator of Northern Westchester Hospital’s innovative new Center for Weight Management. “There are many possible factors at play: emotional issues, lack of time to cook, lack of time to exercise, underlying medical conditions, and even side effects of medications.” Because there are multiple causes for weight gain (and regain), any effective solution needs to address all of these.

The Center offers a comprehensive team including a nurse practitioner, nutritionist, and a psychologist. Staff can also refer patients to a bariatric surgeon or endocrinologist, if appropriate. Working with the primary care physician, the staff will manage medications a patient takes for other conditions.

According to Goldman, “After a comprehensive physical exam, testing, and medical history, we identify issues you’ve had with weight loss. We then set up a healthy weight-loss goal. And after you reach your goal, we continue to support you through individualized maintenance coaching.” nwhc.net

drive safely

Let’s say you’re worried about an aging parent’s ability to drive or your spouse is recovering from a stroke or surgery and he or she would like to resume driving. Where do you turn to assess if their cognitive and physical abilities are sharp enough for driving? A logical place to start is Burke Rehabilitation Hospital’s Driver Evaluation program, available in Somers and White Plains.

The first part of the assessment is performed by an occupational therapist at Burke and evaluates the visual, perceptual, cognitive, and motor skills necessary for driving, including reaction time. Based on performance on the in-clinic portion of the assessment, your loved one will be referred to take the second part of the assessment with a local driving school. There, the certified driving instructors will take him or her out for an in-vehicle assessment of driving abilities.

The goal of this two-part driver evaluation is to measure ability to safely operate a car and, when appropriate, recommend rehabilitation and training to strengthen driving skills. The evaluation also provides advisement and options when safe driving is no longer feasible. burke.org

24/7 care

CareMount 24/7 offers patients on-demand access to their healthcare, from anywhere, anytime, online. The state-of-the-art, technological platform includes four key options—online scheduling, virtual visits, patient portal, and pre check-in, enabling patients to connect with the popular medical center 24/7/365.

The online appointment platform enables real-time, self-scheduling by connecting the patient to his/her doctor’s calendar from the CareMount Medical website from the convenience of the patient’s mobile device or personal computer.

Virtual visits essentially replicate an office visit, allowing patients to connect with a doctor in real time to receive a diagnosis, treatment plan, and prescription, as needed.  For example, when a patient is unable to visit a CareMount urgent care, a virtual visit can be the solution.

The CareMount Patient Portal allows you to access your medical records, anywhere, anytime, and from any device. Patients can request prescription renewals, communicate securely with their doctor, download test results, and more.

Finally, pre check-in is available after you receive an email link from your provider confirming your appointment. If you use the pre check-in feature, you will have an opportunity to supply your doctor with new information about your health, and you will be able to review critical information that the practice has on file about you. caremountmedical.com

stress relief

Forbes says “stress is the black plague of the 21st century,” and Transcendental Meditation enthusiasts claim the ancient technique can have a profound effect on this modern affliction. Transcendental Meditation is taught in the U.S. by Maharishi Foundation USA, a non-profit educational organization that works closely with The David Lynch Foundation for Consciousness-Based Education and World Peace on a wide range of charitable projects. Bob Roth, CEO of The David Lynch Foundation, explains that TM is a simple, effortless technique, practiced for twenty minutes, twice a day, that allows your body to slow down and helps you “be in the now.”

“It’s not a religion, philosophy, or lifestyle. Everyone can do it, even kids with ADHD,” he says. “TM uses the natural tendency of the mind to draw your attention inward until you experience the most peaceful and silent level of your mind.” Many have found relief for depression, PTSD, ADHD, and addiction through their TM practice.

Learning the technique requires personalized, interactive guidance. It can be taught via one-on-one classes over the course of four consecutive days in TM’s Bedford Hills studio by certified TM teachers. Once learned, students can practice the technique for the rest of their lives. Free introductory talks are offered regularly, followed by a five to ten-minute consultation with a teacher. tm.org  




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