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Ten Minutes With a Psychic Medium–Anna Raimondi

Anna Raimondi grew up with two siblings in Valley Stream, New York. She graduated from NYU with a BA in English and clinical psychology and earned an MBA. Around puberty, Raimondi discovered her abilities “to hear, feel, see, smell, and communicate with those on the other side.” In addition to being a medium, the Wilton resident is also a speaker, television personality, and author.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
A psychologist.

When was your first inkling that you felt spiritual presences that no one else did?
I am a born medium. I realized that I was different when I was about 12 or 13. My parents not only knew, but supported me.

Was there a time when you didn’t want to have this ability?
During high school—I wanted to fit in but I felt different from everyone else. I wondered, “Am I the only one?” Even though I had a lot of friends, it made me feel isolated. I felt very lonely because I didn’t understand myself and others didn’t understand me.

Which books have you written?
Talking to the Dead in Suburbia: An Ordinary Women with an Extraordinary Gift, One with the Drum and Conversations with Mary: Messages of Love, Healing, Hope and Unity.

How has your mediumship affected your marriage and your role as a mother?
I am just like everyone else. I love my husband—we have been married for 35 years—and I try to be the best mother and wife I can be. I can’t read my husband or my own children but I can read the people around them.

Have your abilities as a medium changed over time?
As I have become more secure in my abilities, they have become stronger and much more fluid. The component that has become the strongest is the feeling part. When people want to connect to someone on the other side, I can feel the departed loved ones love, joy, and happiness—this comes through much more than when I was younger probably because I am more mature and now I have a better understanding of the range of feelings. The feeling part—being clairsentient—is more profound.

Favorite hobbies or pursuits?
Reading and traveling. There is a whole world out there to explore.

Who (living or dead) do you most admire?
Mother Mary.

Life philosophy? Always be kind.

What’s next for you?
I have become a regular on “The Dr. Oz Show,” which along with my private sessions has been keeping me very busy. I’m like his in house spiritual counselor and grief counselor—they had me go to a house where someone was murdered, I did a segment on psychic kids, a DNA segment, that sort of thing. I will also be having an event on December 5 at the Wall Street Theater in Norwalk.


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