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Ten Minutes with A Cyclist and Videographer

Noah Manheimer is co-owner of Enchanted Garden in Ridgefield, where he is director of the school of music, and also acts as a video instructor. In November, an avid cyclist, Manheimer rode 500 miles with Beyond the Team, a group of five former Navy Seals on a 1,000-mile fund-raising journey from Virginia to Florida. His role was to capture their journey with his GoPro.

How did you get involved?
They had me at cycling and video. Those are two of my favorite things rolled into one.

There must have been more of an attraction to get you to ride that far.
The military is something I have very little experience with, and I am always interested in learning about a subject I know little about. These guys were all former Navy Seals. Everyone involved was part of the military, except for yours truly.

So miliatry people ran the opeation?
Yes, food, logistics, all that. There was a police escort for the entire thousand miles, with one lane closed off. One guy’s job was to interface with local police along the way to make that happen.

How does cycling a thousand miles give them visibility?
In their own words, they are not spring chickens. So to ride a thousand miles is an extraordinary challenge. We made stops at VFWs and interacted with military personnel, so among Navy circles they got visibility.

How were they at riding?
There is a culture in the military that’s not sympathetic to complaining. I didn’t hear a single complaint. They rose to the occasion, and when we hit the finish line everyone was in great spirits.

What was the schedule?
We were up at five am, didn’t eat breakfast, just GU and beef jerky and sports drinks along the way—no meals until dinner.

Where did you sleep?
We slept in RVs, we slept outside, we slept at an Air Force base. It was pretty fluid.

Did people greet you?
Yes, there were quite a few people, and the day after we finished, the guys spoke to a group at the Navy Seals Museum and there were about 2,000 people.

Did you train?
Yes, I trained quite a bit. I rode pretty regularly—about 150 miles a week—then started doing longer rides than usual, building up to a century ride.

Did you do a century—a 100-mile ride—before this?
No, the farthest I got was about 80 miles in my training. But as you know, since the terrain was flat, 80 Ridgefield miles is like 200 Florida miles.

Anyone from Ridgefield part of it?
Bill Goins got me involved and was in a van riding behind the team and filming from a drone. He will produce videos for their cause and a long-form documentary.

What’s their specific cause?
Proceeds from the ride benefit the VIP Neuro­Rehabilitation Center in San Diego.

What’s your takeaway?
I feel very fortunate to have been involved, I learned a lot along the way, and it was good exercise.



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