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Help Is on the Way–St. Mary’s mission to Guatamala

Imagine a childhood without access to clean water, schooling,or books. For the children in Santa Maria de Jesus, Guatemala, this has long been their reality. The people of Santa Maria de Jesus generally live in poverty.This village of30,000 Mayans is… Read More

Coronavirus (COVID-19) info links

Please take special care, we wanted to share some resources to best address your questions and concerns, and to keep you updated on what is happening. Nuvance Health (Danbury Hospital, New Milford Hospital, Norwalk Hospital) is keeping the communities informed… Read More

Ten Minutes With the Musical Director of the Ridgefield Chorale

Daniela Sikora learned the hard way that if she isn’t making music, she isn’t happy. The former opera singer, who started on her musical path at the age of six, took a 17-year detour working in a lucrative career as… Read More

How can I start composting?

Composting is a fantastic way to reduce waste, enrich soil, and lower your carbon footprint. It keeps garbage out of landfills, and it’s a wonderful alternative to chemical fertilizers. The best part is that it’s easy to get started. You… Read More

Simple Elegance–Just perfect inside and out

“Years ago when there was a lot of vacant land and people wanted to build a church or temple, they would just walk the land until they felt good about a place—the energy—that’s where they would build,” says Dan Divitto,… Read More

Getting Your Greens–Benefits of house plants & which to choose

A room festooned with lush, green houseplants is an inviting one. Whether they’re a bright green pothos sitting on a desk or a string-of-pearls suspended from a hanging planter, plants make any space feel a little more cheerful and a… Read More

Behind the Wine––Organic, natural, and other ways to grow grape

There is a fascinating breakdown of transparency somewhere between the documentation of the “nutrition facts” for the food we eat compared with the opacity surrounding the wine we drink.  Even fast-food restaurants have been nudged to catch-up in the nutritional… Read More

How We Met–Something’s Cooking

Something beyond a five-star meal was cooking in the kitchen of the highly acclaimed Le Cirque in New York City when Sarah Cannon and Bernard Bouissou first met. She was the first woman chef on the line and was working… Read More

A Joint Effort–As marijuana legislation rolls forward, pros prep for progress

With the state’s legislative session just beginning, Governor Ned Lamont will likely continue the push to legalize recreational marijuana. As part of that effort, Lamont sat down with the governors of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts… Read More

Electric Avenue––The move away from gas-powered cars

Purring in from over the horizon is a silent but powerful brigade of vehicles that will transform the American car culture. For decades, electric cars have been a sideshow, a novelty act, a blip on the automotive sales chart. But… Read More