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School Spirit – Sister Kathleen at the heart of St. Patrick’s School

Back in 1964, when Sister Kathleen Fitzgerald, who was then called Sister Assumpta, was reassigned from her post teaching at St. Bernard’s on 14th Street in New York City, she told her mother she was being moved to Bedford. “Bedford,… Read More

Country Urban – Architect Carol Kurth Branches Out

While architect Carol Kurth is well known for her contemporary home designs, she gets much of her inspiration from her bucolic country surrounds. “I love the feeling I get coming back from Manhattan and pulling on to my street,” she… Read More

Style Guides for the Kids – Hiring a pro to find your child’s right look

What do you do when your child’s self-esteem plummets, they won’t listen to your advice, or they act out? You seek professional help. But that doesn’t always require a therapist. Sometimes hiring a stylist, makeup artist, or interior designer may… Read More

Crushing Your Wine Game – Tips from local oenophiles

As we move from the season of flip-flops and rosé into the months of sit-down dinner parties and back-to-back holidays, it’s time to get serious about wine. Guests deserve better than a clutter of indifferent wines—the whites languishing at room… Read More

Fore! Playing it up with Rob Labritz – low-scoring Club Pro at the PGA Championship

Rob Labritz is a champion! It’s the mix of humility, steely confidence, and—simply stated—the best golf game in this region that make him so. Labritz is 48, lives in Pound Ridge with his wife and two kids, and is coming… Read More

As Easy as CBD

Imagine trying to rope a bronco—wearing a pair of Prada pumps. That’s how Ridgefield area shoppers feel navigating the nascent, unregulated, yet exploding Wild West industry of CBD. Tackling this uncharted territory involves a steep learning curve—an ability to understand… Read More

Ten Minutes With an IVF specialist – Rachel A. Bennett, MD

Rachel A. Bennett, MD is a reproductive endocrinologist, or to put it more simply, an IVF specialist. She opened her private practice, Westchester Reproductive Medicine, in Mount Kisco in 2006 and has been practicing for 24 years. She trained with… Read More

Deep Roots – Digging in with Susan and Coleman Burke

Susan and Coleman Burke’s garden is alive with the sound of birds and insects: a pollinator’s paradise. Susan, sitting in the sunshine on her red brick patio, is debating the growth of the fig trees she has planted in pots—just… Read More

Weird Science – local innovative health & wellness advances

deep freeze Cryo-Arctic is a new cryotherapy studio in Mt. Kisco where they treat inflammation and pain by exposing the skin to temperatures between -150°C to -180°C for three minutes in a whole-body cryotherapy machine. The studio’s owner, Sean Dawson,… Read More

Clean as a Whistle

“Cleansing allows people to break an unhealthy eating habit,” says Elyce Jacobson, co-owner of Skinny Buddha, a popular vegan/gluten free food establishment in Mt. Kisco, where delicious fresh soups, desserts, and prepared meals are made daily. “It mentally puts… Read More