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Kids Film Fest

RIFF Children’s Film Festival — April 27

The Ridgefield Film Festival is proud to present the first annual Children’s Film Festival. Innovative, imaginative, and engaging film programming for young children, tweens, teens, and families. They will be showcasing the Kid Flicks Tour programs which features a variety of short films, animation, and documentary and is curated by the New York International Film Festival.

Festival Trailer

WHEN: Saturday, April 27
WHERE: Ridgefield Theater Barn & Ridgefield Library


3-7 Years Old (LIBRARY) Shorts – 52 minutes
Animation and short films both in English and with no dialogue + Activity
Kid Flicks Tour (New York International Children’s Film Festival)

8 + (THEATER BARN – DAY) Shorts – 79 minutes
Animation, short films from around the world, in English, with subtitles, and
also with no dialogue + post screening educational Q&A
Kid Flicks Tour (New York International Children’s Film Festival)
RIFF REPRISE – Youth Filmmaker Initiative Films – 18 minutes
Two short films produced for RIFF 2018 by local children (grades 4-6)
by former Nickelodeon producers

12-15 Years Old (THEATER BARN – DAY) Shorts – 80 minutes
Animation, Documentary, Narrative Fiction from around the world
Curated by RIFF

PG 13 (THEATER BARN – Evening) Liyana (Feature Doc/Animation) – 77 min.
LIYANA is a genre-defying documentary that tells the story of five children in the
Kingdom of Eswatini who turn past trauma into an original fable about a girl named
Liyana who embarks on a perilous quest to save her young twin brothers. The film
weaves her animated journey together with poetic documentary scenes to create an
inspiring tale of perseverance and hope.

The Sunday Times describes the film as part documentary, part animation, and pure magic. (100% Score on Rotten Tomatoes from both critics and audience.)

Here is the link for the trailer for Liyana.

FOOD & DRINK: Healthy Snacks available
Food Truck and/or Ice Cream Truck on site at Theater Barn

CRAFTS: Hands on Craft Activity at Library
FACE PAINTING: Face Painting at Theater Barn
PRIZE DRAWS: Prize Draws at both locations throughout the day for various fun and educational prizes.

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