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Our Fur Babies

The bond between humans and their pets is a strong one. Science has proven that we love our pets in a way that eerily similar to the way we love our children. When a pet gazes at its owner, oxytocin spikes in the brains of both animal and human. Oxytocin, you may recall from science class, is the hormone that plays a major role in triggering feelings of love and protectiveness. The bottom line? Pets are good for us, and we’re good for them. They help us calm down when we’re stressed, comfort us when we’re blue, prevent loneliness, ease anxiety, and make us laugh. They recognize the sound of our cars and will run to the door to greet us at the door—yes, some cats do this too—and follow us from room to room because we’re their family. Fortunately, the feeling is mutual. Pets look up to us, rely on us for food, health care, comfort, and love. And when we snuggle with our pets, their heart rates go down, just like ours. Perfect symbiosis.

Moo (photo above)
English Bulldog
“Ever since we got our first English bulldog in 1997, we have been crazy bulldog people. We love their sweet faces, their snores, their bully expressions, and their quirky behavior. In December of 2017, we found ourselves empty nesters and our house felt way too quiet—it just didn’t feel right without a dog! We learned of a female bulldog, who had one litter of puppies, but could not have any more after a difficult delivery. She needed a home. Within a few weeks, we met our new baby for the first time and immediately fell totally and completely in love. Moo loves playing in the baby pool at the dog park, riding in the car, and strutting her stuff on short walks. Our world is happier thanks to Moo.” —Leslie Hines

Freddie (is on the cover of the November/December issue of Wilton Magazine)
Miniature Longhair Dachshund
“Freddie was a very special gift from Santa last Christmas and became an instant playmate and sibling to my three kids, Lexi, eight, Jack, six, and Ali, five. It was love at first sight for the entire family. Freddie brings such a happy, loving energy into our home. It’s hilarious to see his little eight-pound frame jump almost a foot in the air just to give a high-five to one of us with his tiny paw. In our hectic lives he manages to bring our family together and make us laugh. Freddie and I are inseparable, he goes everywhere I go—he’s my car buddy, running buddy, yoga buddy, working buddy, and sleeping buddy. When he is by my side, he keeps me calm and centered.”—Xenia Gross

Russian Blue mix
“Celebration is named after the song, ‘Celebration’ by Kool & The Gang. People say to me, ‘Celebration? Celebrating what?’ and I reply, ‘Good times of course!’ She is my natural alarm clock and loves to wake me up every morning at six am by pawing at my feet to feed her. She loves chasing laser light beams. She will always have a special place in my heart because I got her when I was in college in Michigan, living far away from home and family. She helped me not feel lonely and saw me successfully graduate with honors.” —Elise Vocke

Labrador Retriever
“Ida was a Guiding Eyes for the Blind dog and we were her puppy raisers for one-and-a-half years. She passed her test with flying colors and Guiding Eyes decided to put her in the breeding program. She had a litter of six puppies—two are now seeing-eye dogs, two are drug-sniffing dogs, and two were adopted by loving families. And we got to officially adopt Ida!” —Emma Adams Likly

Black Labrador
“My dog’s name is Ruby. Ruby likes to eat, play, cuddle, pounce, chew her toys, and to explore. I love when she chases me and I love watching Ruby explore outside. A month ago, our dog Skylar passed away and we were so sad. Ruby has made me so happy and filled a hole in my heart. We love her so much.” —Allison Massaua (age nine)

Beagle-Pointer Mix
“Hope came to us from DAWS with only three legs. She loves to eat and despite missing her rear right leg, she can jump and climb to reach her favorite foods. She also loves food and spending time with our kids and four cats. Hope is a great role model of resilience and grace for all who meet her. We love her to pieces! Her name sums her up so perfectly.” —Eunice Kang

“We feel like the luckiest family in the world to have Macy as our pet. She’s a gentle giant and at 130 pounds, our large black fur ball has been mistaken for a bear on more than one occasion. She loves people, never barks, and spends most of her day napping and waiting for someone to drop food on the floor.” —The Dorans

Australian Sheppard
“As a natural work dog, Smudge has a ton of energy and spends most of her time in the yard chasing anything that doesn’t belong there. We got her as a puppy four years ago as our older dog Jojo’s health was failing. We think Smudge is the reason why Jojo—now 15—is still with us today.”—Brian McDermott

Pooh Bear
“Pooh Bear is one of five kittens born to Georgie, my senior mom cat. My boys wanted to keep Pooh, the biggest and fluffiest of the kittens. He is an extremely laid back, very affectionate cat who never leaves my side. He is a house cat who follows me all day long from room to room who sleeps on my bed.”—Maureen Judge

Miniature Labradoodle
“Cooper is a very special dog and is an integral part of our family. He’s a cuddle bug, and loves to give kisses to everyone he meets. He brings us so much joy each day. Cooper just got a human sister who is five months old and when she is upset and she sees him she immediately calms down and he makes her laugh. He loves to play with his squeak balls and do zoomies around our yard, especially in the fall and winter so he can play with the leaves and snow. His favorite time is bedtime because he loves to cuddle in the blankets with his mom and dad.” —Megan Gay


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