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Berkshire Magazine Summer issue is here!

In our latest issue, read about: Kim and James Taylor return, Outdoors take center stage, All about the Staycation, A shared vision, a dream home And much more! We’re bringing to you this online issue of Berkshire Magazine at no… Read More

Ten Minutes With a 66-Year-Old Personal Trainer

Melissa Arnold is a Fairfield YMCA instructor who is a triple threat; between being a certified personal trainer, a certified Qigong instructor, and being a gentle, upbeat person, she’s able to keep her students fit, relaxed and smiling. As a… Read More

Berkshire 25 Nominations

BK25 logo

Berkshire Magazine is proud is celebrate The 25 Most Creative, Most Dedicated and Most Influential individuals in our town. Deadline: Aug 7, 2020 – Honorees featured in the September issue of Berkshire Magazine Click for nomination form      … Read More

Berkshire Magazine June issue is here!

In our latest issue, read about: Kim and James Taylor missing home, The Mastheads literary program reimagined, Berkshire businesses going strong, Farmers markets reopening, And much more! We’re bringing to you this online issue of Berkshire Magazine at no cost,… Read More

Seeds of Success–When they cook and grow

Chef Mona Jackson may not own a restaurant, have a show on The Food Network, or be the winner of a cooking competition, but to Bridgeport-area youth, she is a pretty big deal. Don’t let her quiet demeanor and… Read More

10 Minutes With // A Wildlife Conservationist

Steve Ricker is a self-proclaimed military brat who spent his childhood “wandering around outside,” exploring a different U.S. environment every four years. He landed a job at Westmorland Sanctuary right out of college and now serves as the director of… Read More

The Eclectic Collector–Ornamenting gardens with Barbara Israel

Elephants with obelisks. Chinese musicians. Copies of Canova dancers. With the fortuitous yet unanticipated purchase of 40 garden statues including these at an estate sale in the mid 1980s, “the seed was planted,” as Katonah resident Barbara Israel likes to… Read More

We Gather Here Today–Local religious leaders address current affairs

While the origin of the phrase “May you live in interesting times” may be in question, the current state of affairs is nothing, if not lively. A number of area religious leaders are finding their congregations are looking for—and coming… Read More

I Do! I Do! I Do! Bedford bride dons her wedding gown—again and again

Bridesmaids are always assured that they will be able to wear their gowns again after the wedding (ha!), but as a rule, the bride only plans to wear hers once. Not one to follow the crowd, Kate Paletta disregarded that… Read More

Living in The Farms–A cozy neighborhood offers easy living

In a community known for expansive properties, seclusion, and the need to drive just about everywhere, there also exists the antithesis. The Bedford Village neighborhood known as The Farms remains a convenient, walkable, friendly living locale, a Halloween haven, and… Read More