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How We Met – Tindred Spirits

Erin Koczeniak and Adam Ray both joined Tinder for different reasons. She hoped to meet someone who shared her desire of having a family someday. Adam joined the online dating site because his friends were on it and urged him to try it. He had no expectations, but figured, why not?

The way Tinder works is that both people have to swipe “right” on each other’s profile in order to be matched. Says Erin, who had ended a long relationship because he wasn’t interested in kids, “That meant we both found each other.”

Amazingly, Erin and Adam were undaunted by the multiple unspoken rules for online dating – what information not to share, how to avoid scammers, and how to safely meet. Erin says that Adam was the first person she felt she could talk to in the prerequisite back-and-forth texting, so they decided to meet for a drink. Following the safety-first rule of meeting in a public place, Erin chose a bar in her hometown of Bethel, where she knew the patrons and the bartender.

The first thing that struck Adam about the meeting was that he wasn’t at all nervous. He and Erin fell easily into conversation and Adam was pleasantly surprised that he felt like they’d been friends forever. “She was very personable and funny, and we got along immediately,” he says. She also got along great with his friends and family – something very important to Adam.

From the moment Erin met the tall cute guy who likes to mountain bike and who made her laugh, she knew he was the one. The fact that family and traditions were important to him only added to the attraction.

Erin, who had just made a major career change, was in cosmetology school at the time and a bit high strung over it all. She liked the way Adam was calm and patient and could talk her through her worries.

After only three dates, Erin boldly asked Adam if he wanted children. To some, it might seem early in a relationship to ask such a question. Says Erin: “We’d both already done the 20s thing and were ready for the next stage in our lives.” Erin didn’t want to waste time if he didn’t want kids. Adam replied, Yes, he did want children. Okay, proceed, she thought.

After a month and a half, Erin told Adam that she as going to delete her Tinder profile – an unspoken agreement that says the relationship is exclusive. Adam did not disappoint. He too deleted his account.

Finally, Erin had one more major question – would Adam mind if she took a hairdressing job at Adam Broderick Salon & Spa – across the street from where he works, at Ridgefield Bicycle Company, as store manager, mechanic, and equipment fitter? “Nope.” Adam didn’t mind at all.

The couple bought a home together in 2016, and one day Adam put a tag on the family dog that said, “He wants to know if you will say ‘yes’ ” and then presented Erin with his grandmother’s diamond that he had reset.

In a small ceremony with family and friends, they married in Glacier National Park on June 11, 2017, the anniversary of when Erin’s grandparents married. Their son, Cooper, was born in March of this year.

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