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Summer Beauty Buzz – Tricks of the Trade to Keep You Glowing and Safe

Surf, sun, and sand are a popular trio until they take their toll on your skin, hair, and face. So we asked some local experts how to keep your looks on the up and up as the temperatures go up and up. Here’s what they had to say.

Hair Happenings

The elements really take their toll on your hair. Erin Bryant, the general manager at Whip Salon Ridgefield, and her team have some simple solutions. One of the culprits that can create a  “green tint” to hair color (whether natural, dyed or highlighted) is chlorine. Bryant says this can be easily fixed with a quick detox at the sink with one of their formulas to release any mineral buildup from the hair shaft. A popular product is the heat protectant spray Melu Hair Shield by Davines that shields the hair against fading color and sun damage to the cuticle.

There are also some fun and pretty summer hairstyles and Whip’s style experts can create the perfect “wanded beachy waves” which is a sought after look and a great one that takes you from day to night. The color trend is in balayage, a painted technique primarily for blonding that results in a more blended look and natural dimension in the hair. And, it’s not for blondes only since it can be very flattering on brunettes as well.

Face Facts

Makeup does matter if one wants to accentuate their looks and Zekira Kobas, the retail specialist and makeup artist at Adam Broderick Salon & Spa, has some great ideas.

Kobas recommends by starting with the application of an all-in-one tinted primer that has sunscreen. Adam Broderick’s contains Vitamins A, C and E, parabean and is ideal for the Summer since it’s also oil-free.   

Eyelash extensions have been a huge trend that are applied by the salon’s experts and are a dramatic way to add to ones look. But, Kobas says that if you decide to stay the more traditional route then colored mascara is a must-have. Color trends for makeup products are 1970s inspired and take their cue with eyeshadow shades in neon, pink and yellow. Lips should  have a glossy, hydrated look and tinted lip oils in pink and coral hues are the ones of choice carried by both Kiehl’s and Clarins cosmetic lines.

Skin Savers

Dr. Ross S. Levy, MD, FAAD, chair of the department of dermatology at CareMount Medical; chief of dermatology at Northern Westchester Hospital Center; and associate professor at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, says that the application of sunscreen is probably the most significant thing you can do to to protect your skin. “Sunscreen is important because it decreases sun damage which can result in brown marks, wrinkling, aging of the skin, incidences of skin cancer melanomas, and the development of large dilated capillaries.” And, when selecting the best type Dr. Levy recommends one with an SPF of 50 or greater that contains either zinc oxide or titanium dioxide.

Another important step to keeping skin great looking during the sizzling summer months is to make sure that you gently exfoliate dry, scaly patches with a loofa sponge or soft cloth. Help to keep skin hydrated and smooth with a good moisturizer, not forgetting to use on your feet as well. Aloe vera (touted as the “burn plant”) is often regarded as the perfect natural remedy for sensitive, parched skin.

Finally, top it all off with a light and fruity fragrance that will inspire your senses as much as the touch, smell, and taste that come from the sea, sun, and sand.





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