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Do you know what your kids know? Can you answer these sample SAT questions?

(Answers at bottom)


1. Level: Easy
The mean number of students per classroom, y, at Central High School can be estimated using the equation y = 0.8636x+27.227, where x represents the number of years since 2004 and x ≤10. Which of the following statements is the best interpretation of the number in the context of this problem?

A. The estimated mean number of students per classroom in 2004
B. The estimated mean number of students per classroom in 2014
C. The estimated yearly decrease in the mean number of students per classroom
D. The estimated yearly increase in the mean number of students per classroom


Passage content: Humanities
Text complexity: Medium

Excerpt from Dong Kingman: Painter of Cities: 

A 1954 documentary about renowned watercolor painter Dong Kingman shows the artist sitting on a stool on Mott Street in New York City’s Chinatown. A crowd of admiring spectators [Q7] watched as Kingman squeezes dollops of paint from several tubes into a tin watercolor [Q8] box, from just a few primary colors, Kingman creates dozens of beautiful hues as he layers the translucent paint onto the paper on his easel. Each stroke of the brush and dab of the sponge transforms thinly sketched outlines into buildings, shop signs, and streetlamps. The street scene Kingman begins composing in this short film is very much in keeping with the urban landscapes for which he is best known.

Kingman was keenly interested in landscape painting from an early age. In Hong Kong, where Kingman completed his schooling, teachers at that time customarily assigned students a formal “school name.” His interest was so keen, in fact, that he was named after it.

The young boy who had been Dong Moy Shu became Dong Kingman. The name Kingman was selected for its two [Q9] parts, “king” and “man”; Cantonese for “scenery” and “composition.”

7. Question Difficulty: Easy

B. had watched
C. would watch
D. watches

8. Question Difficulty: Medium

B. box. From just a few primary colors,
C. box from just a few primary colors,
D. box, from just a few primary colors

9. Question Difficulty: Hard

B. parts: “king” and “man,”
C. parts “king” and “man”;
D. parts; “king” and “man”

Answers:  Question 1. D    7. D    8. B     9. B

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