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Defining Garden Spaces

Surveying your yard you realize your landscaping is looking a little sad. Don’t despair. You can blend the utility of an outdoor space and the beauty of a landscaped yard with some proper planning.

Most spaces created by Jeff Kuffel, a landscape architect with Hoffman Landscapes, fall into one of two categories: areas designed for entertaining and areas designed to be sanctuaries. Spaces designated for entertaining tend to be closer to the house. Emphasizing the flow between indoors and out allows guests to easily transition outside after dinner. Meditative spaces, according to Kuffel, are better suited to areas of the yard that are more secluded.

Types of plants vary depending on the function of the area. A more wooded site would require shade-loving plants, a common feature of quiet, intimate gardens. A subdued, greener, softer palette often works better in these areas, flush with ferns and hostas and similar plants. Their perennial status means less work to replant each spring. Astibles or similar, more colorful perennials can be used to brighten up a shade garden. Closer to the house, bigger pops of color appear in sun-loving beds, pots, or planters. In any case, the best time to begin planning is the late fall or winter season. That’s soon, so let’s go.


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