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Helping Others

Knit and Purl–Providing community service one loop at a time

You name it, and a senior citizen can knit it: camouflage wool hats for troops in Afghanistan; lightweight and comfortable breast prosthetics for women; tiny sweaters for penguins caught in oil spills; soft, delicate caps for the newborns of northern Westchester; and more. And if you walk into the Mt. Kisco Fox Senior Center at… Read More

Round and Round- Meal on Wheels: nearly 25,000 dishes a year

Roll time back 47 years, and duck inside the basement of St. Mary School. It’s 1972, and there are three women, fueled with a $500 grant, preparing meals for those in need. Now roll forward to 2019 and a look at Meals on Wheels––a nonprofit that prepares and delivers food to community members in… Read More