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Food + Drink

Webb’s Wines– Expert advice

“Everyone’s drinking Sancerre these days and it’s become pricey. You should try this Menetou-Salon from Domaine Henry Pellé instead. It’s from the same region in the Loire as Sancerre, and its wines are just as delicious, but for much less money.” The customer regards the bottle, holds it in his hands, and implicitly understands that… Read More

RSVP’s Two-Man Show–They cook, you eat. That’s it.

“I’m sorry but we’re booked every Saturday through Christmas,” says Charles Cilona on the phone to a potential customer. “Have you been here before? You have? Great. So you know how things work here?” The co-owner of RSVP in West Cornwall, Cilona feels he has to explain to all first-time diners that his restaurant is… Read More

Editor’s Choice–Marc’s Place

Luc’s Café has for nearly 20 years provided an outstanding dining experience. It was on the leading edge of Ridgefield’s restaurant renaissance. When the authentic French bistro opened in 2001, the other upscale options were Bernard’s, The Elms, and Stonehenge, and the latter two are gone. Today, town is filled with many great dining options.… Read More

Dinner Is Done–Three Local Chefs Make Life Easier

With today’s busy lifestyles, dinner sometimes takes a backseat to work, long commutes, and kids’ activity schedules. When UberEats suddenly becomes the most-used app on your phone, and your favorite pizzeria is on speed dial, perhaps it’s time to consider one of the many local, chef-driven meal delivery services. Fully prepared meals that require only… Read More

The Givers–Holiday Lunch to Celebrate Local Charities

Fairfield County is home to so many extraordinary charitable organizations and hard-working individuals who make it their mission to help those in need. Whether it is finding safe home spaces, offering counsel and emotional support, or educating and mentoring youth in need, there is a group in our midst that will help. It is with… Read More

Restaurant Hangover Remedies

The whiskey-sour nightcap seemed like a good idea at the time—which was two hours after you planned to go home? Local chefs and bartenders offer some special remedies to make you feel like new—or at least a little better—after a night of holiday cheer. Matt Storch, chef owner at Match Restaurant, celebrating its 20th… Read More

Editor’s Pick–Vedas Indian Cuisine

Vedas Indian Cuisine has become one of Norwalk’s most popular havens for high-quality Indian food. And now, with a new chef and the same array of fresh ingredients with a homestyle touch, Vedas has a second location, in Westport. Owners Dipika Behera and Jaiprakash Agarwal (JP), husband and wife restaurateurs from Mumbai, have steadily made… Read More

Specialty Cocktail Recipes–from SoNo 1420

Located in a custom-designed industrial building within walking distance of the vibrant Washington Street nightlife scene, SoNo 1420 American Craft Distillers produces ultra-premium, alternative grain, distilled spirits. The facility, designed by architect Bruce Beinfield, highlights the gleaming features of its copper and stainless-steel still. They shared a few specialty cocktail recipes. 1420 Hemped RYE SourRead More

Game On–A place to bowl, rock out, and dine in on Water Street

“It’s gritty, urban, and authentic,” says Diamond Properties Bill Diamond of the former Lillian August SoNo Annex space on Water Street. “Industrial chic is the feel we are after with all of our venues, and this space has it already.” With 25-foot, beam-framed ceilings, red-brick and cinder-block walls, and a cement floor, the 32,000-square-foot space… Read More


What’s a nice girl from Indiana doing in Fairfield? Sharing her creativity and myriad talents with others, for one thing. Connie Cusick has spent the past 20 years building her own businesses and creating objects that bring beauty and inspiration to the world around her. It is hard to label Cusick because she has so… Read More