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Reporter’s Notebook – Memories of the ’69 Miracle Mets

In a professional writing career that spans six decades and encompasses three daily newspapers and one weekly, three books, and freelance articles for more than 50 publications, it’s still easy for me to zero in on the highlight—the New York Mets’ improbable four games-to-one victory over the favored Baltimore Orioles in the 1969 World Series.… Read More

Up, Up, and Away – Flying Fans

While many Fairfielders devote their leisure hours to golf, others spend their free time in the air. Whether it’s a fascination with aviation, a career or wanderlust, this group of pilots confirms that flying is a viable hobby. People like John Shavinsky view aviation through professional and recreational lenses. A Fairfield resident since 2000, Shavinsky… Read More

Time Machine- Playing around in a BMW i8

When BMW offered me its i8 Plug-In Hybrid Sportscar to participate in a recent Fairfield County road rally, I immediately knew who to call as my co-driver: Judy Stropus. Like the i8 in a sea of beige boring-mobiles, longtime Ridgefield resident Judy Stropus stands out from her peers. Unless you travel in the motorsports or… Read More

Galas Galore – An important part of keeping nonprofits going

The cultural season stretches well beyond the summer, filled not only by varied performances, but by scores of galas that build up momentum in May and taper off by October. Supporters select far in advance which to attend. Those choices hold a lot of weight for nonprofits, because galas are the most effective vehicle to… Read More

Riding High – Comedian John Mulaney is Hot

John Mulaney is in his West Village apartment, wiped out at 1 p.m. His dog Petunia is splayed on the wood floor in the next room. The air conditioner is cranked. You’d think they had just completed a half-marathon. Farthest thing from it. What happened that morning may very well find its way into Mulaney’s… Read More

A Midsummer’s Dream – Albany Berkshire Ballet celebrates its 50th

It’s a full moon in the deep summer woods. Puck is out tonight, laughing invisibly with anyone who feels an unexpected rush when the air stirs. It smells warm and sweet and green before the rain, and the ferns are shoulder high. Lovers are looking for each other in the dark. In August and September,… Read More

The Sky Is Calling – The Mohawk Soaring Club

Have you ever gone outside on a warm summer’s day, seen hawks soaring on the wind, and dreamed of joining them as they soar higher and higher over our green Berkshires? Many people have, but how many have actually done it? The Mohawk Soaring Club offers everyone a chance to do that, and it was… Read More

Comic Book Madness – Tales of The Goon and Tank Girl keep coming

Brett Parson considers himself a comic-book artist, even though he tossed that term out when he noticed the odd looks it elicited. “Like it was a joke,” he says as he rests both his forearms on a work in progress. In the village of Southfield where his studio is found in The Whip Shop (once… Read More

Cast Away – the Norwalk River is an angler’s dream

“Many people are surprised to discover that the Norwalk River is home to excellent trout fishing,” says Gerald Berrafati, a licensed fishing guide and a member of the board of directors for the Mianus Chapter of Trout Unlimited. “I’ve run into caddisfly and sulphur hatches on the Norwalk that rival the ‘glamour hatches’ on Connecticut’s… Read More

Swinging for the Majors – Local boys aims for the mlb

Dillon Lifrieri has loved baseball as long as he can remember. He dreamt the dreams of most little kids, to play in the Major Leagues just like the heroes he watched on TV and at the grand ballparks. But at a tender age, Lifrieri’s childhood dreams hit an emotional roadblock. “When I was ten and… Read More