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Help Is on the Way–St. Mary’s mission to Guatamala

Imagine a childhood without access to clean water, schooling,or books. For the children in Santa Maria de Jesus, Guatemala, this has long been their reality. The people of Santa Maria de Jesus generally live in poverty.This village of30,000 Mayans is… Read More

Exploring Democracy–poets confront obstacles—and possibilities

In this presidential election year, 100 years after women won the right to vote, what does a government of the people, by the people, and for the people look like? Williams College is taking on questions like these—what it means… Read More

Learning Under the Trees–Returning to nature in the classroom

On a misty morning, eight preschoolers with bouncing backpacks and mud-covered rain boots emerged from the 205-acre woods at Pratt Nature Center in New Milford, excitedly discussing a caterpillar and giggling as explosive jewelweed seed pods along the trail offered… Read More

Challenge America Grant

The American Mural Project (AMP) is the recipient of a $10,000 grant from the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), the only organization in the state to receive the Challenge America grant. The grant will fund an “All Our Own”… Read More

A life-changing opportunity for Fox Lane students

Louis Fusco of Pound Ridge beams like a justifiably proud papa when discussing the recipients of the Rewarding Potential Scholarship (RPS) program, a community-funded effort that helps Fox Lane High School students fill the gaps inevitably left by college financial… Read More

Fifty Years of Learning at a Montessori School

Chickens can be heard clucking from beyond the stone wall next to the one-room schoolhouse on Highview Road. There, “the class of 2019”—four ornamental chickens—are scratching around in a fine-looking pen. The class was raised last spring by the children,… Read More

The Happening Hubs–Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Visit any large university in America and chances are, you might see a new building or center, or even a small office, devoted solely to technology and entrepreneurship–most often dubbed “Innovation Centers.” These well-funded spots began cropping up on campuses… Read More

Fairfield’s Best Private School, Grades K-8 and Best Summer Day Camp

Fairfield Country Day School voted Best in two categories for 2020 by Fairfield Magazine readers. It’s the echoes of the boys laughing in the hallway, the swish of skates on fresh ice as the varsity hockey team gets ready for… Read More

Fairfield’s Best Private School Grades 9-12 and School with a Religious Affiliation

Fairfield College Preparatory School voted Best in two categories for 2020 by Fairfield Magazine readers. “Men for Others” is a phrase often heard at Fairfield College Preparatory School—an all-boys Jesuit high school on the campus of Fairfield University. Being a… Read More

All-inclusive schools – Breaking down institutional barriers

Paula Lima Jones (photo above) is getting her colleagues to think about their work in different ways. As the first Dean of Equity and Inclusion at Miss Hall’s School in Pittsfield, the bulk of her work begins with a simple,… Read More