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International Designer draws on local roots

William Caligari

His small leather-bound notebook is filled with sketches, notes, measurements, paint swatches, project ideas—and some French writing and a bicycle training diary for good form. What is most revealing is the range of work William Caligari does, from detailed decorating to reimagining and redesigning the layout of a gutted house. Thirty years ago, Caligari opened [...]read moreInternational Designer draws on local roots

Wilton 25 Reception and Ceremony — May 2

Wilton 25

Wilton is home to a community of people of all ages, backgrounds, and personalities—residents who take their passions and run with them, creating a diverse, meaningful, compassionate, and spirited lifestyle. From entrepreneurs to activists, these individuals create the foundation that makes Wilton what it is. This Wilton 25 reception and ceremony honors a select group [...]read moreWilton 25 Reception and Ceremony — May 2