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Webb’s Wines– Expert advice

“Everyone’s drinking Sancerre these days and it’s become pricey. You should try this Menetou-Salon from Domaine Henry Pellé instead. It’s from the same region in the Loire as Sancerre, and its wines are just as delicious, but for much less money.” The customer regards the bottle, holds it in his hands, and implicitly understands that he is in the presence of someone who really knows what he is talking about. Expert advice is an all-too rare and beautiful thing. It is the reason why so many wine lovers in Litchfield County and beyond seek out Jamie Webb, the manager of County Wine & Spirits in New Preston.

Webb, who has the curly hair of the tennis pro he had once been, is a graduate of Taft and Trinity College. A Connecticut native, he has been in the wine trade for nearly 25 years. He started out as a stock boy but “with a copy of Hugh Johnson’s wine guide” in his back pocket. What drew him to wine? “I was a painter, which was tough to make a living at, so I asked myself what else is interesting, beautiful, and creative. So I chose wine.”

It is this artistic appreciation for the winemaker’s work that inspires his choices. “I will only sell what I’ve tasted and what I think is exceptional. I want my love of wine to be contagious.” It is.

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