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The Art of It – Sparrow

Like many artists, Alissa Siegal’s paintings hang in numerous galleries, private homes, corporate collections, and universities, but her art has also appeared in the movies, notably The Bounty Hunter and Something Borrowed. “I am constantly experimenting and evolving my style and subject matter—everything from my life shows up in my work,” says Siegal. “I am inspired by the wild nature of animals and plants, and the ways in which they exist in a human centric world. Sparrow [pictured above] and others in this series explore birds’ incredible engineering for flight, delicate beauty, and how they exist in a shrinking and threatened environment.”

Siegal is the Weir Farm artist-in-Residence this fall. She will give a talk about her work at Wilton Library on September 9 at 6 pm.

Visit her website at www.alissasiegal.com

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