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Ten Minutes with Broadway Star Linda Eder

Linda Eder started on Broadway with Jekyll & Hyde and has since released 18 solo albums and her repertoire includes Broadway, pop, country, and jazz. Raised in Minnesota, Eder came east to New York and eventually settled onto a horse farm in North Salem, where she currently lives.

Where is your favorite place to perform?
Carnegie Hall for pure sentimental reasons. That is the one place growing up in Minnesota that I’d heard of. So in terms of getting to New York and performing there, it was fulfilling a lifelong dream.

How did you end up in North Salem?
I am a horse girl and country person who loves to be outside. After nine years in Manhattan I was ready to go crazy. We drove through North Salem on a beautiful fall day, with blue skies, the leaves in full color. And it’s full of horses.

Do you still ride?
Yes, I was fixing things in the barn today. I love taking care of horses—very hands on. I build my own barns, I drive my own tractors. To this day, I still feel the knot in my stomach like I did when I was a kid and would see a horse in a field. I was born horse crazy.

So you love building things?
I am good artist, good with my hands. I learned to build with my brothers and dad, so I really do like to create things here on the farm. I have never in my life been bored.

When did you first know you wanted to be a performer?
I always did. So many vivid memories standing in front of the mirror, singing into the camera. First time I got on stage, there was no going back. But I was very nervous and my high-school choir teacher Tom Rossin helped me get over it and get out in front of people.

How much time do you spend in Ridgefield?
It’s where I do all my shopping. Clothing shopping, food shopping, restaurants. And driving down that Main Street at Christmastime, with all the lights, with snow. I just love that.

Favorite places to shop, dine?
After working on my farm all day years ago, my dad got in his truck and discovered The Corner Pub. We still love it now as The Hideaway.

Do you like playing the Playhouse?
I am so thrilled that the Ridgefield Playhouse exists. It is wonderful to have it down the street. They bring amazing shows to this area. And I get to perform there and sleep in my own bed that night.

Do your children perform?
My son Jake Wildhorn might have more talent than both his parents. He’s at SUNY Purchase now and we look forward to seeing what he can do. He’s really freaking us out.

You have any upcoming projects?
My next CD, coming in early 2018, is some Broadway standards. And one other project, but it’s a secret.

You can tell me.
All I say is DVD.



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