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Not Your Father’s Hardware Store — Local store thriving

Wilton Hardware

When Keeler Hardware closed seven years ago, Tom Sato, a 30-year Wilton resident, decided to give up his New York marketing career and lengthy commute to fill the void by opening Wilton Hardware. “We opened a few weeks earlier than planned in October 2012,” recalls Sato. “It was right after Hurricane Sandy hit, and… Read More

Tony’s at the J House – The host with the most

Tony's at the J House

There’s plenty to like at the re-imagined Greenwich eatery at the J House Hotel. There’s a wide array of fresh, flavorful food creatively presented in sophisticated surroundings, but the very open secret to this restaurant’s current success is in its new name: TONY’S AT THE J HOUSE because co-owner Tony Capasso is the host with… Read More

Wilton 25

Wilton 25

We’re proud to celebrate 25 of the most creative, dynamic, generous, and entrepreneurial  individuals that make Wilton such a wonderful place to live. The Wilton 25 Ceremony and Reception is May 2 at 6pm, click for more info and tickets. Andy Schlesinger Four years ago Schlesinger started Wilton Rocks for Food, bringing local musicians together… Read More

Tips for a Super Summer Party

Summer Party Drinks

Party! Here are some tips to update warm-weather entertaining style. ›› Big Batch Cocktails No one wants to get stuck being a full-time bartender at their own party. Big-batch cocktails served from a drink dispenser do the trick. ›› Water Bar When the mercury rises, it’s important to keep everyone hydrated. Create a water bar… Read More

Wilton 25 Reception and Ceremony — May 2

Wilton 25

Wilton is home to a community of people of all ages, backgrounds, and personalities—residents who take their passions and run with them, creating a diverse, meaningful, compassionate, and spirited lifestyle. From entrepreneurs to activists, these individuals create the foundation that makes Wilton what it is. This Wilton 25 reception and ceremony honors a select group… Read More

Stage Fright – Readying Your Home for Sale

Home staging

It was time to downsize. My husband was semi-retired, and our son a recent graduate. It was hard to justify the expense of living in a 4,500-square-foot home on more than two acres. We loved our house but also had unrealized fantasies about extended European travel. I knew enough from binge-watching virtually every program on… Read More

Ten Minutes With Jack Mitchell – Chairman of Mitchell Stores

Jack Mitchell

Jack Mitchell is a business owner, luxury retailer, author, and speaker with a passion for life-long learning. Mitchell grew up in Westport and was always intrigued by other cultures. After a summer abroad, he went on to earn his Masters in Chinese history at Berkley. In 1958, Mitchell’s parents, started their eponymous retail business in… Read More

Powerful One-Woman Show

Kimberly Wilson

When Kimberly Wilson enters a room, you notice. At six feet tall with a commanding voice and the graceful bearing of a royal, how could you not? But when you see her wide smile and hear her warm, distinctive laugh, you quickly realize that she isn’t an intimidating presence at all, just an impressive one.… Read More

Running stories to inspire you

Tamara Kalin running

Tamara and Steve Kalin have been married for almost seven years and have been training and racing together for most of them. Tamara, a former gymnast, took up running because, she says, “It was an efficient way to stay in shape.” Both are fairly competitive, which pushes them to try new races. Together they’ve run… Read More

Human Books: people sharing one-on-one

Chris Payne human book

Have you met any good books lately? If not, you might discover the story to move or challenge you—that could change your point of view or even your life—when the Human Library returns to Wilton on March 23. The Human Library is the simple but powerful social movement with beginnings in Denmark in 2000. Everybody… Read More