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Ten Minutes With the Executive Director of the Bedford Riding Lanes Association – Phebe Callaway Wahl

Phebe Callaway Wahl was appointed the first-ever  executive director of the Bedford Riding Lanes Association in June. An avid rider since the age of seven, she grew up riding with the famous Middleburg Hunt in Virginia. As a member of the Callaway family, she has conservation and a passion for nature in her blood. She… Read More

Ten Minutes With Tim Walsh – Founder of Adventure Recovery

Tim Walsh

Tim Walsh was swimming before he could walk, jumping off ten-foot diving boards at the age of four, and climbing 50-foot-tall trees daily as a kid. By the time he was 11, he says his adventurous spirit and “try anything” attitude led to substance abuse. After going to a recovery retreat more than 25 years… Read More

Ten Minutes With Jack Mitchell – Chairman of Mitchell Stores

Jack Mitchell

Jack Mitchell is a business owner, luxury retailer, author, and speaker with a passion for life-long learning. Mitchell grew up in Westport and was always intrigued by other cultures. After a summer abroad, he went on to earn his Masters in Chinese history at Berkley. In 1958, Mitchell’s parents, started their eponymous retail business in… Read More

Ten Minutes With Michael Fishman – Yankees Assistant General Manager

Michael Fishman New York Yankees

Michael Fishman knows baseball. A native of Fairfield, Fishman joined the New York Yankees in 2005 as the team’s first—and then only—analyst. Today, Fishman is a Yankee assistant general manager, overseeing one of the largest analytics staffs in all of major league baseball. Fishman, a Hopkins and Yale graduate who grew up in the Stratfield… Read More

Ten Minutes With Dick Cavett – A TV Legend

Dick Cavett

Dick Cavett has been a leading cultural voice since the 1950s, as an actor, a writer for Jack Paar’s “Tonight Show,” and eventually creating “The Dick Cavett Show,” where he interviewed everyone from Jimi Hendrix and John Lennon to F. Lee Bailey and Katharine Hepburn. On March 23, Cavett will conduct a live Q&A with… Read More

Ten Minutes with Frazer Rice – Investment manager to the very wealthy

Ten Minutes With Frazer Rice

Frazer Rice has spent his career as an investment manager advising the extremely wealthy. He has combined this with a political career—working in the offices of Governor George Pataki and Representative Susan Kelly—and a law degree, advising the SEC and Merrill Lynch. The Bedford native produces a podcast focused on eclectic interviews with newsmakers and… Read More