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“Norwalk” is stamped on landmark viewfinders. Are they made here?

One of the great pleasures of traveling to the famous and not-so-famous landmarks around the world is finding a bit of home, in this case a Tower Optical Viewfinder. Plop in a quarter (or two more likely) and these distinctive viewers provide a clear view of vistas and monuments, in locations all around the country.… Read More

Road Bonds–The joy of car travel

I’ve been a fan of the road trip since I was a kid. I have fond memories of traveling with my parents and three brothers in mom’s olive green Ford Country Squire wagon, resplendent in all its woodgrain glory. Being the youngest, I sat in the rear-facing seat—in the wayback—absorbing every sight from the confines… Read More

Game On–A place to bowl, rock out, and dine in on Water Street

“It’s gritty, urban, and authentic,” says Diamond Properties Bill Diamond of the former Lillian August SoNo Annex space on Water Street. “Industrial chic is the feel we are after with all of our venues, and this space has it already.” With 25-foot, beam-framed ceilings, red-brick and cinder-block walls, and a cement floor, the 32,000-square-foot space… Read More

How do I keep holiday greenery fresh?

The first rule of holiday greenery is to always buy the freshest greens available. As soon as you get them home, cut the end of the stems at a 45-degree angle with pruners and crush them lightly. Then place immediately in a bucket of luke-warm water outside and let sit for 24 hours to drink.… Read More

Some cool shops create Norwalk’s existing eclectic feel

The SoNo Collection is quickly filling up with a creative mix of upscale shops and eateries. Of course, such a mix is not new to Norwalk—as evidenced by these existing businesses, from the historic to the whimsical. The Oysterman’s Daughter is a small and hidden retail shop located in Copps Island Oysters. Norwalk has a… Read More

Ten Minutes with Santa Claus

Santa Claus is the hardest-working man in the world. For longer than anyone can remember, Santa Claus, or Saint Nick to close friends, has been an indefatigable bearer of gifts and bringer of good cheer. Norwalk Magazine caught up with the bearded traveler in his newly renovated center-island kitchen. Santa was taking a break from… Read More

A Walk Bridge in Norwalk–Dispelling the rumors and finding the truth about what’s next

One of the most buzzed-about topics in Norwalk right now is the Walk Bridge project saga. The Walk Bridge—or the Norwalk River Railroad Bridge—is the swing bridge, built in 1896, that traverses the Norwalk River providing access for nearly 200 Amtrak and Metro-North trains per day—about 125,000 riders. But there’s a problem. The function of… Read More

Haunts to “Like” — A duo’s social-media foray into ghost hunting

Norwalk natives Nick Grossman and Pete Cerow began investigating haunted places a few years ago and have turned their curiosity into a social-media phenomenon. Their investigation into The Twisted Vine in Derby, Connecticut, went viral. The former bank building, with its brown stone façade, is now home to the Victorian-themed restaurant and became known for… Read More

Senator Bob Duff’s App-titude

From traffic to policy pronouncements, Connecticut State Sen. Bob Duff has built a social-media presence that springs him into the realm of leading local influencer. We sat down for a chat. Describe yourself in 140 characters. // I love Norwalk. I’m fifth generation, and passionate about the job I have and the people I serve.… Read More

Savor Local Events

TownVibe is proud to bring the tasting events to the community. Restaurants, specialty markets, winemakers, craft brewers, and others serve their signature cuisine and curated cocktails and beverages to foodies and fun-loving folk in the area. Plus there is always great entertainment, VIP lounge and free parking. The tickets are all inclusive! Taste Fairfield WinterFestRead More