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Fairfield’s Best Caterer

Fred 06825 voted Best Caterer for 2020 by Fairfield Magazine readers. Under the guidance of owner Fred Kaskowitz and executive chef David Johnson, both Culinary Institute of America graduates, Fred 06825 offers freshly prepared dinners, a garden-fresh salad bar, a… Read More

Fairfield Best Wedding Cakes

Alina Patisserie voted Best Wedding Cakes for 2020 by Fairfield Magazine readers. Alina’s is a full-service bakery specializing in custom cakes, gourmet cupcakes, pastries, cookies, and desserts. The menu is comprised of an irresistible blend of comfort-oriented classics, traditional European… Read More

Fairfield’s Best Private School Grades 9-12 and School with a Religious Affiliation

Fairfield College Preparatory School voted Best in two categories for 2020 by Fairfield Magazine readers. “Men for Others” is a phrase often heard at Fairfield College Preparatory School—an all-boys Jesuit high school on the campus of Fairfield University. Being a… Read More

Fairfield’s Best Brows

The Brow Method voted Best Brows for 2020 by Fairfield Magazine readers. Meet Fairfield’s brow guru, Bridget Barbosa, owner of The Brow Method at Marsona Horan Salon. Bridget has been in the beauty industry for nearly 20 years and offers… Read More

Fairfield’s Best Alternative Exercise

Dojo Fairfield voted Best Alternative Exercise for 2020 by Fairfield Magazine readers. Owners and local moms Kailen Pirro and Karina Gramesty took the helm at Dojo Fairfield in early 2014. Their passion for the martial arts makes the Dojo Fairfield… Read More

Fairfield’s Best Haircut and Hair Color/ Highlights

Alchemy, the Salon voted Best in two category for 2020 by Fairfield Magazine readers. Alchemy, the Salon is entering its fourth year of business, owned and operated by Fairfield native Imogene Wilson, who is exhilarated to continue to share her… Read More

Fairfield Best Florist

Hansen’s Flower Shop voted Best Florist for 2020 by Fairfield Magazine readers. Imagine walking into a hundred-year old flower shop in the center of town, a family business that may have made your grandmother’s wedding bouquet. What do you see?… Read More

Fairfield’s Best Financial Adviser

Ameriprise Financial Services voted Best Facial for 2020 by Fairfield Magazine readers. If there is one thing we can all count on in life it is change—sometimes for the good, sometimes for the bad. It could be the joy of… Read More

Fairfield’s Best Facial

Alchemy Skin Spa voted Best Facial for 2020 by Fairfield Magazine readers. Located in historic Black Rock, Alchemy Skin Spa is a beautiful, serene space for one-on-one attention. Specialties include organic custom facials for mature, sensitive, sun-damaged teens as well… Read More

Fairfield’s Best Kept Secret

AR Workshop voted Best Kept Secret for 2020 by Fairfield Magazine readers. AR Workshop is a boutique do-it-yourself workshop studio. Guests can enjoy making customizable on-trend home décor with instructor-led, hands-on classes. Create everything from wood signs, lazy susans, centerpiece… Read More