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The Art of Beekeeping – The Clark is home to hundreds of works of art—and bees

The scent of honey and wood smoke is as thick as the warm, dense hum. The worker bees are active today. A few hot days have come after cool, wet weeks, and the wild primrose are blooming in the pastures. … Read More

Music, the Great Equalizer – Inspiring students

For Alla Zernitskaya, class begins five mornings each week at 6:30 sharp. “That’s the only way to accommodate students’ schedules,” says Zernitskaya, who is in her 26th year at the helm of the orchestral music program at Pittsfield High School… Read More
Nicholas Browne

Can you afford a personal celebrity chef? You might be surprised

A small, but growing, group of people are bringing their dining experiences back home while still enjoying the experience of a professionally prepared meals—with personal chefs. The reasons are diverse: Some need help creating meals that accommodate allergies, weight loss,… Read More