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International Designer draws on local roots

William Caligari

His small leather-bound notebook is filled with sketches, notes, measurements, paint swatches, project ideas—and some French writing and a bicycle training diary for good form. What is most revealing is the range of work William Caligari does, from detailed decorating to reimagining and redesigning the layout of a gutted house. Thirty years ago, Caligari opened… Read More

Import Replacement – Ways to strengthen local economies

import replacement

Steve Oakes had no idea he was contributing to strategic import replacement when he opened Green Apple Linen in Pittsfield. Instead, the real estate entrepreneur was intrigued by a specific business opportunity that, in a way, fell into his lap. He was attending a community development meeting in Lenox when a new executive at Cranwell,… Read More

TIF For Tax – Incentives for Small Business Growth

Tax incentitives

Small businesses are the core of the Berkshire economy. These companies comprise more than half of the county’s employer establishments, with more than 2,700 employers staffing fewer than 10 people. To survive and to thrive, many need to expand—but expansions are costly.“We’ve shifted in recent years from the model of attracting large companies to trying… Read More

Growing Trend of Sharing Work Space

Shared Work Space

Gig workers, freelancers, moonlighters, and independent contractors now account for more than a third of the U.S. workforce, and 42 million Americans are expected to be self-employed by 2020. These statistics reflect not only the swelling Millennial workforce, but the increasing importance workers of all generations are placing on career flexibility, engagement, and independence. While… Read More

Ten Minutes With Frances Jones-Sneed — MCLA Professor and Historian

Frances Jones-Sneed

Frances Jones-Sneed has walked along the Housatonic River, finding and telling the stories of black men and women in the Berkshires who have reshaped this country since this country began. These people have influenced each other, and this place has influenced them, for more than 240 years—and they influence the country today. Jones-Sneed is a… Read More

Stained Glass Expert

Bill Dodds stained glass maker

Bill Dodds encountered his first stained-glass window when he was seven. On the way to visiting his grandparents in Pennsylvania, his family made a stop at the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine in New York City to see where his parents were married. Eager to go inside—he’d never been in a church before—Dodds ran… Read More

Mindful Tea Drinking promotes mind and body health

Jia Li teaching mindful tea drinking

Jia Li views the American lifestyle as fast-paced, a “grab-and-go mentality” that revolves around drinking coffee for the caffeine fix and temporary stamina it provides. Jia, who hails from the Yunnan province of China, has one tip for her busy American friends: “Take a moment to slow down a little bit.” Tea is not only… Read More

Who do people in-the-know call to hang their wallpaper?

Hilary Clinton

Say you want to freshen up your home or office, maybe this time with wallpaper. You look online and then, wanting to get up close and tactile, drop into a design store to burrow into big, fat wallpaper books, sliding your fingers across the pages, feeling those blends of fabric, linen and grass. Finally, faint… Read More

The Berkshires is a land of sanctity and solace

Nuns in the Berkshires

“It was God’s will that this was the right place,” says Mother Joan Bernadette, making a sweeping gesture with her robed arm. “We must have looked at 20 or 23 properties. We left it in the hands of Divine Providence.” In the winter of 1995, Mother Joan Bernadette journeyed with her other sisters from Wilmington,… Read More

2018 Independent Schools Guide––CT, NY, MA

Below is a list of all the schools in the area. It includes public, private, all girls, all boys and special needs designations on the listing. Apple Blossom School & Family Center Wilton, CT Nursery – K, 203-493-4003, appleblossomschool.org Apple Blossom offers formal parent/child programs based on the Waldorf method of education, which seeks to… Read More