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Some cool shops create Norwalk’s existing eclectic feel

The SoNo Collection is quickly filling up with a creative mix of upscale shops and eateries. Of course, such a mix is not new to Norwalk—as evidenced by these existing businesses, from the historic to the whimsical.

The Oysterman’s Daughter is a small and hidden retail shop located in Copps Island Oysters. Norwalk has a long history as an “Oyster Town,” dating back to the late 1800s, and Norm Bloom’s Copps Island Oysters has proudly continued that legacy. Norm’s daughter, Jeanne, has left her mark on the family business with a meticulously curated collection of locally sourced goods ranging from oyster-shucking kits to dreamcatchers. Jeanne’s goal was to “create a lifestyle store, where boaters and beach lovers alike, could shop for sea-inspired necessities along with fresh oysters, clams and lobsters.”

Seaside Delights is three shops packed into one small space. Located in the picturesque Pinkney Park, this boutique is your go-to spot for hometown pride apparel, locally sourced gifts, and beachy designs. Norwalker Joanna Gray’s shop offers products from her other small businesses—RoadieCup and Salt Water Fish Rubbing. “About 75 percent of everything here has been made by me,” Gray says quite proudly, and for good reason. The shelves are packed with nautical art, fish rubbings, the softest sweatshirts and tees, plus the popular customizable RoadieCups.

Seaside Delights boutique is your go-to spot for locally sourced gifts and beachy designs, much made by the owner.

Connie B’s Boutique is nestled into a beautiful block at 71 Cedar Street. The motto is: “We may look expensive, but we are so affordable.” Connie and daughter Rebecca opened the doors to Connie B’s ten years ago and quickly became a Norwalk favorite. These women pride themselves on personalized service and getting to know their customers, something that benefits their clients. They frequently buy items with specific customers in mind. The shop provides casual to formal clothing and accessories for just about any occasion.

Simple SONO has for five years now been situated between the restaurants and bars that call South Norwalk home. “We focus on good quality fabrics, small-batch designers, and our own line of men’s and women’s clothing,” says shopkeeper Lindsay Bartlett. Lindsay has lived in Norwalk long enough to see styles come and go in this trendy neighborhood. Yet, what sets Simple SONO apart from other shops is their exceptional customer service and classic, timeless styles.

Scandinavian Butik, purveyed by Danish expats Marianne and Doris, has been providing a taste of home to Norwalkers for just about a decade. Whether you are a Swedish expat or a lover of Scandinavian design, this boutique is stocked with an impressive collection of Nordic delights like Christmas candy, baking supplies, candles, tea towels, toys, and more. Anyone with ties to Scandinavia will find this shopped stacked with items that just “feel familiar if you have a Scandinavian grandmother,” says shop owner Marianne.



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