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RIFF Kids Film Fest

RIFF Kids Film Fest — Saturday, April 27

Special Ticket Giveaway! As a sponsor of the Kids Film Fest, Townvibe is pleased to be able to offer two tickets to the event, to enter simple so to our Facebook page about the event and leave a comment.

The Ridgefield Independent Film Festival launches its first Kids Film Fest on Saturday, April 27, with imaginative and engaging films for young children, tweens, teens, and families. RIFF showcases an array of programming from around the world including animation, documentary, and short films with broad appeal.

Ridgefield Theater Barn will be RKFF central, showing films throughout the day including the Kid Flicks Tour featuring audience favorites and award-winning short films from the New York Children’s Film Festival, the nation’s largest film festival for kids and teens. With a compelling range of styles and themes, this collection of clever, thought-provoking films will inspire budding cinephiles (and their parents) to expand their horizons.
RIFF Redux presents two, nine-minute films made by local middle school students last fall featuring numerous Ridgefield landmarks and overseen by Dave Goldberg and Dave Herman.

Liyana, the acclaimed South African film, screens in the evening. Described by the Sunday Times as, “part documentary, part animation, pure magic,” the film tells a powerful story of perseverance and hope.

Ridgefield Library hosts a program for the three to seven-year-old set with a exuberant international lineup of short animated and live action films. Ridgefield Kids Film Fest riffct.org

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