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Ridgefield’s Best Personal Training

PTP of Ridgefield voted Best Personal Training for 2020 by Ridgefield Magazine readers.

The first thing you notice when you walk into PTP of Ridgefield is a warm welcome from owner Chris Carlson—immediately putting you at ease as if you were just visiting for dinner with friends. The bright and clean 2,500-square-foot, state-of-the-art facility is filled with a supportive team of highly educated personal trainers. A wide variety of music—chosen by the clients—plays over the sound
system as you begin your workout.

PTP is filled with clients between eight and 80 years old. They might be training for a triathlon or a sports team or might just want to get into a healthier state of being. No matter the goal, everyone is treated with the same world-class professionalism and enthusiasm. Walking into a gym or training facility can often be very intimidating but that is not what you find when you walk through PTP’s doors: you will be put at ease by a group of personal trainers who are invested in your success. Each session is designed specifically to your ability, capability, and goals, whatever they may be.

The role of the personal trainer has evolved: personal trainers used to work with celebrities, athletes, or the wealthy. Now the role of personal trainer is no longer a luxury but a necessity to many people. The benefits are wide-reaching and include weight loss, increased flexibility, increased energy levels, injury rehabilitation, and disease prevention.

A PTP trainer is a highly skilled professional that has been educated and certified to work with a broad spectrum of clients. A PTP trainer will develop a strength and conditioning protocol for clients across many populations. Anyone can work with a personal trainer—from young athletes to cancer survivors to deconditioned adults to  people struggling with a wide variety of diseases.

As you head to the stretching table near the end of your session, you feel a great sense of accomplishment as your know your trainer has pushed you to your limits and you have worked harder than you thought you could. You feel great and can’t wait until your next session.

Head over to PTP and see for yourself why they have been voted the best personal training facility for the past three years in Ridgefield. You will leave happy and satisfied!

ptpridgefield.com / 105 Danbury Rd., Ridgefield, CT / 203-438-4787


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