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Ridgefield’s Best New Fitness Club

FitGuana voted Best New Fitness Club for 2020 by Ridgefield Magazine readers.

FitGuana is a locally owned and operated hybrid athletic club, offering High Intensity Interval and Resistance Training as well as Strength & Conditioning in a generous class schedule and personal training sessions. FitGuana expanded to a larger facility within its first year of operating.
Starting January 1, this high-end gym began offering an Independent Training Floor that clients can use from 5 am to 9 pm. This added space has resulted in a 6,000 square feet of fitness paradise, conveniently located in the center of Ridgefield.

FitGuana is the pinnacle of Sander Vanacker’s 25 years of experience in the field of fitness and sports, both as a student, competitive athlete, and a small-business owner. As an athlete as well as a local entrepreneur, he is eager to constantly improve, challenge himself, and offer a premium experience to clients.

The athletic club’s mission is to offer a no-nonsense and efficient approach to fitness and does so by providing teen and adult clients with high-quality instruction from a top-notch team of instructors.  All for fair and transparent pricing and an amazing community of like-minded people. Due to the facility’s design and training structure, all levels are welcome. Everyone is able to work at their own level and will be shown how to modify if needed.

FitGuana is an ethical business and does not require contracts, initiation fees, nor has any hidden expenses. “We want our members to feel safe and motivated, whether they are working hard during group classes, in personal sessions, or relaxing in our lounge while enjoying a freshly made smoothie,” says Vanacker. “At the same time, clients are educated as to our training methods, lifestyle choices, and eating habits. The main goal is to make clients succeed, which is why body analysis and nutritional consultations are also offered.”

The FitGuana Team is ready to guide you through a trial period any time and with the additional open access facility, has some incredible offers waiting for you.

fitguana.com / 16 Bailey Ave., Ridgefield, CT / 203-885-7945


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