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Restaurant Hangover Remedies

The whiskey-sour nightcap seemed like a good idea at the time—which was two hours after you planned to go home? Local chefs and bartenders offer some special remedies to make you feel like new—or at least a little better—after a night of holiday cheer.

Matt Storch, chef owner at Match Restaurant, celebrating its 20th year, is a pioneer in the SoNo neighborhood. His big win on Food Network’s “Chopped” taught him how to cure a celebratory hangover. Chef Matt eats a hearty breakfast consisting of bacon with a runny yolk egg on a hard roll chased by a juicy burger at his other location, Match Burger Lobster. Eggs are full of B12, producing energy, and amino acids like taurine, which helps liver function.

At Peaches Southern Pub & Juke Joint, aka Peaches, bar manager Guy McIntosh has the cure, swearing instantaneous relief from soothing ginger ale, and by adding a few dashes of each of his best bitters—Angostura, Fee Brothers Orange, and Fee Brothers Peach. Soda breaks down the headache-causing acetaldehyde created while overindulging. Then he “gets down and messy” with Peaches’ buttermilk fried chicken thigh-high sandwich, topped with liquid cheese, crisp bacon, and dukes mayo—great sources of much-needed protein, sodium, and carbs.

Adding to SoNo’s cultural renaissance is Evarito’s. According to owner Christian Burns, the surefire way to treat the aftermath from a night of over-imbibing: the spicy cocktail of Corona and housemade sangrita (a spicy tomato lime concoction). “Whether you want to detoxify or keep the ball rolling, there is nothing better,” he says.

Washington Prime owner Dave Studwell claims his surefire hangover cure is Prime’s breakfast sandwich—fried chicken, bacon, egg, and cheese topped with guacamole. The crisp salty chicken washed down with a grape Pedialyte, to replenish electrolytes, does the trick.


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