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Berkshire Magazine Rewilding Photo Contest

Use this form to enter the competition. For more details on the rules, click here.

YES, Berkshire Magazine may print in the Winter issue and put online my images for free and without any claim for compensation.

You may submit 5 photos using the form below. A single fee of $10 is required. Please complete as many fields for each image as you can.

Image requirements
Each image MUST:

  • Depict the theme “Rewilding in the Berkshires”
  • Be no larger than 32 megabytes; ideally the images should be close to 2400 pixels wide (if a horizontal image) or 2400 pixels tall (if a vertical image) at 72 dpi
  • Be saved in RGB mode (not CMYK!)
  • Be saved in the JPG format

Upload Photos Below