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Norwalk Now: evolving the city in real time

What seemed like an ambitious project back in October of 2017 when Norwalk Now was first developed has evolved into a sustainable support arm for Norwalk small businesses, providing marketing assistance from multiple platforms from which to reach a broad audience. As a consumer, you might visit the Norwalk Now website or follow Norwalk Now on Instagram or Facebook to find out about events and information about restaurants, shops, attractions, or entertainment. Or maybe you have participated in the spirited hijinks of a Norwalk City Hunt adventure or enjoyed a day of live music scattered about the city during Make Music Day. Whether you’re a seasoned Norwalk Now devotee or this whole Norwalk Now thing is new to you, it’s a great opportunity to learn about this vibrant coastal community.

Norwalk Now is a free service for Norwalk small businesses with funding provided by founding sponsor, the Norwalk Parking Authority, with additional support from the City of Norwalk’s Business Development and Tourism Department. Like the city it supports, Norwalk Now continues to evolve. Enhanced website capabilities took form this year with the addition of our new technology partner, GoNation, whose high-tech website features a real-time calendar and business data that is powered by the businesses themselves. Norwalk is the first city in the country to go live with this technology.

Illustrating further signs of a thriving city—enter Norwalk Magazine. Norwalk Now is excited to be a part of the latest high-quality magazine created by TownVibe Media. The formation of Norwalk Magazine is yet another testament to the abundance of stories to be told, people to be recognized, issues to be discussed, places to visit, and the many reasons to live, work, and visit Norwalk.

Now that you know a little bit more about Norwalk Now, we can’t wait to do what we do in the pages of this beautiful new magazine in future issues. Follow our Norwalk Now column where you will find business profiles, city innovations, seasonal happenings, and so much more.

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