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MOMbies – Mom Zombies – Strike Fairfield! Watch video

The MOMbies strike again! This time 75 mom friends of all ages put their hearts together and put aside fears of dancing in the spotlight to storm the Fairfield University Men’s Basketball game. In a show of love, the moms were joined by over 50 community leaders and University students as their dance mob surprised over 2,000 basketball fans.

Fairfield magazine editor Robin Phillips was among the surprise dance mob. “I was so honored to be asked to join in for such a wonderful and important cause,” says Phillips, “and it was a lot of fun!”

Our “This Is Me” performance celebrates everyone. MOMbies share a message of love and hope with anyone who has ever felt different or alone. Our video is dedicated to everyone touched by breast cancer. Please join us in pushing research forward.

Donate Now, to fund metastatic breast cancer research: mombies.org

Please share our love and kindness themed videos to help us make people smile and to keep the FUN in fundraising by donating to fund metastatic breast cancer research at Mombies.Org. Every dollar counts because donations are MATCHED 100%. Every dollar goes directly to breast cancer research. Yup! 100%.

Together we can make a difference.

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