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MOMbies – Mom Zombies – Strike Fairfield! Watch video


The MOMbies strike again! This time 75 mom friends of all ages put their hearts together and put aside fears of dancing in the spotlight to storm the Fairfield University Men’s Basketball game. In a show of love, the moms… Read More

Savor Local Food Fest — Sunday, March 24

Savor Local

TownVibe is proud to host another event bringing together great local restaurants, distillers and entertainment for a delicious, fun afternoon. The venue is the newly renovated secret gem LaKota Oaks in Norwalk offering a great, warm indoor space, with plenty… Read More

Stained Glass Expert

Bill Dodds stained glass maker

Bill Dodds encountered his first stained-glass window when he was seven. On the way to visiting his grandparents in Pennsylvania, his family made a stop at the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine in New York City to see where… Read More

Mindful Tea Drinking promotes mind and body health

Jia Li teaching mindful tea drinking

Jia Li views the American lifestyle as fast-paced, a “grab-and-go mentality” that revolves around drinking coffee for the caffeine fix and temporary stamina it provides. Jia, who hails from the Yunnan province of China, has one tip for her busy… Read More

Who do people in-the-know call to hang their wallpaper?

Hilary Clinton

Say you want to freshen up your home or office, maybe this time with wallpaper. You look online and then, wanting to get up close and tactile, drop into a design store to burrow into big, fat wallpaper books, sliding… Read More

The Berkshires is a land of sanctity and solace

Nuns in the Berkshires

“It was God’s will that this was the right place,” says Mother Joan Bernadette, making a sweeping gesture with her robed arm. “We must have looked at 20 or 23 properties. We left it in the hands of Divine Providence.”… Read More

CT Performance Center – turning young golfers into pros

Golf Performance Center teaching

It’s not unusual for aspiring golfers to wander into the Golf Performance Center on Route 7 expecting to hit a bucket of balls after work. And why wouldn’t they? From the road, the facility looks exactly like a beautifully manicured… Read More

Do This, Not That – Fashion Guide

Fashion Tips

It’s been said that great style is never out of fashion, but there are definitely some Dos and Don’ts. We recommend the following tips to make sure you’re always one of the best-dressed. Don’t force the fit / If you… Read More

One of America’s Top 50 Restaurants – in Litchfield

West Street Grill

They are the perfect couple to run a restaurant. James O’Shea, renowned Irish chef, is in charge of creating the sensational fare offered at the West Street Grill. Charlie Kafferman, whose career was in the fashion business, is the… Read More

Black Bears sightings on the rise – where and what to do

Black Bear

Large, black, thick-furred, long of tooth and claw, come April or thereabouts they’ll awake from their winter torpor to a town that has most certainly awoken to them. Maybe you’ve seen one lumbering along with their golly-gee gait, in our… Read More