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Haunts to “Like” — A duo’s social-media foray into ghost hunting

Norwalk natives Nick Grossman and Pete Cerow began investigating haunted places a few years ago and have turned their curiosity into a social-media phenomenon. Their investigation into The Twisted Vine in Derby, Connecticut, went viral. The former bank building, with its brown stone façade, is now home to the Victorian-themed restaurant and became known for attracting visitors of not just the human kind.

The Ghost Storm team spent three nights documenting the paranormal amidst the Victorian décor. While other ghost hunters had previously investigated, the Ghost Storm social-media sharing drew national attention.

Cable-TV channels have been home to many ghost-hunting reality shows. The night-vision footage and electronic scanners of weird sounds have established the format for the evidentiary style of the storytelling.

In 2014, the SyFy’s “Ghost Hunters” visited the Gallaher Mansion during its tenth season. That wasn’t the first paranormal exploration—a paranormal research group investigated the site in 2011 on the invitation of Holly Cuzzone and Celia Maddox, who wrote the national historic landmark application for the mansion. Another paranormal team, The Norwalk Paranormal Research Group, posts on Facebook about investigations at Pine Island Cemetery, Mill Hill, and the Gallaher Mansion.

The Ghost Storm team investigates places, but they’ve recently begun to bring the stories of their paranormal hunts to new venues. Grossman’s collection of spirit dolls anchors a lecture and screening of the team’s investigations. They debuted the lecture at Norwalk’s Cafe Madrid in early November.

Despite the surge of para­normal interest, and the obligatory haunted house tours in October, The Lockwood-Mathews Mansion has escaped the paranormal investigations. The gothic architecture has been the backdrop for movies though. While the 2004 remake of the Stepford Wives could be considered spiraturaly disturbing, it is the 1970 movie House of Dark Shadows that cemented the location as a haunted place.



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