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Four Legged Focus–our best furry friends mug for the camera

We had a whopping 246 entries to this year’s pet contest and it was not easy to choose, but here are our faves. The contest was sponsored by Pet Pantry Warehouse who will be giving our winner a six-month supply of Triumph dog food. “As a local family owned business, we love supporting our community by participating in such a fun community contest,” says VP Adam Jacobson. “It’s such a great way for all of us pet lovers to show off our furry family members and see other lovable animals.”

WINNER (Photo above)
Mollie Milano
When people ask his breed, Mollie says, “He’s 100 percent awesome!” He hails from North Carolina, where he was found wandering the street after a hurricane and ultimately rescued by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC. He loves to play with his sister Pippa and his girlfriend Tilly, and enjoys an ice cream cone filled with peanut butter as a snack. Follow him on Instagram @thortheoneeyeddog.

2nd Tilly
Dianna Cutler
’Tilly’ is short for Tiller–the part of a boat that steers. She is a 13-week-old Cockapoo that loves to chase her dog sibling Piper who is not always up for the game.

3rd Eli & Cole
Laura Fuhr
Eli, age eight, likes to watch the YouTube channel “birds and squirrels.” Cole, nine, came from the Westport Humane Society, and Eli was found on a road in Greenwich.

4th Lulu Ginger & Steph Jespersen
She’s a 2.5-year-old Golden Retriever who loves belly rubs and frozen banana pieces. She was rescued from China—raised on a meat farm and saved from a slaughter transport.

Honorable Mentions

Jenn Kotkin says six-year-old Yogi is a shepherd mix and her right hand guy, helping run her pet care business. His bf is his cat brother Charlie.

Marney White says Tringler is nearly three, hails from New Haven, bounds around like Tigger, and is a “world-class cuddler.”

Laurie Maurao says her eight-year-old rescue pup has epilepsy but lives a great life. She loves to ride in the car to Starbucks for a “puppacino.”

Kim Marie Mullin rescued this Pomeranian. He likes rolling around in fresh laundry and soaking up the sun.

Tracy Palmer’s kitty is two-years-old, loves to chase toy mice, walk in the yard on his leash, and give kisses.

He loves to cuddle and greet customers at The Label Exchange with Nicole Yannieh and Cheryl Camarato.

Mom Jess Miller says her 2.5-year-old Coonhound mix pup, rescued from Tails of Courage, is a loving handful who likes to collect dirty socks.

Genee Habansky’s 16-year-old kitty loves to watch birds on TV and cuddle, but his fave thing is eating. He loves chicken, pumpkin, and fish oil.

She is almost 6 months old and “pure joy” says Libby Chiapperino. Her favorite trip is to Pet Pantry for a toy or a chewie for her collection.

He is a five-year-old rescue mix. “His favorite thing is to howl at sirens and paw at his human family until they howl with him,” says Leslie LaSala.

The Malig family rescued their pup from Animal Rescue R Us in NJ. She is now a year old and loves cuddles, naps, and running in the park and yard.

Major Tom
Mom Jenn Nickell says MT was rescued by Save Our Strays after being hit accidentally by a fire truck. He loves to snore on his mom’s lap.

Joanne Simonelli’s pointer-hound mix was rescued from For the Love of Labs. “She’s extremely mischievous but also a total love bug!”

Holly Bell
She’s a four-year-old mutt from American Lab Rescue. Her favorite activity is snuggling with her six humans—the Casano family.

The Grutkowski clan says their 8-year-old rescue is inherently loyal and protective. She tolerates her furry sisters, but prefers human attention.



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