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Fit for Life – A Gym For Every Need

Litchfield affords a wealth of outdoor activities from walking, hiking, climbing, swimming, to skiing and snowshoeing. To get in shape for these sports, it also offers a variety of gyms and fitness centers that cater to every need. Whether you want to pump iron, practice yoga or Pilates, have a go at a treadmill or a rowing machine, or desire any other from of physical activity, here are just a handful of alternatives.

The former Litchfield Athletic Club, in business since 1997, has new owners, Doris and Peter Bergamo, and a new name—Litchfield Hills Fitness. As of yet, there are no major changes in the works. The two-level facility features a wide range of cardio and exercise machines, a 12-station Smart Strength circuit, and a wealth of free weights. There is a roster of classes as well as the Fit Pit, a rigorous outdoor training area available spring through fall.

Akasa, in Thomaston, owned by Emily Medonis and Sarah McAuliffe, offers a variety of yoga classes, high-energy, fat-burning, cardio strength-training classes, Forever Fit classes for seniors, wellness services, nutritional counseling, physical therapy, and shamanic healing. In addition to group fitness classes, Akasa is committed to providing members with holistic health and wellness services to encourage balance of mind and body.

Kent Fitness Matters, founded by Hope Lord, is a personal fitness and wellness center specializing in one-on-one training and programs tailored to each client. From fitness training to increasing strength, losing weight, improving endurance, flexibility,  and coordination, help with food and nutrition, there is something for everyone. Sessions are available at the facility or in the privacy of your own gym.

Mind-Body Connection in New Milford focuses primarily on the benefits of Pilates to build strength, develop flexibility, and improve posture and balance. Owner Marion Cooper  and her staff offer the ultimate in Pilates training sessions: barre classes and reformer sessions, working with a health ball, the bar, on a mat or on equipment. Clients can progress from beginner to advanced levels through a strengthening, lengthening, toning, stretching series of exercises that incorporate core and just about every other muscle.

CALISfit, a recent addition to the area, specializes in one-on-one personal training in the Bantam Arts Factory. Owned and operated by Kyle Crocker, calisthenics (hence the name,) is his specialty. There is an emphasis on performance enhancement, corrective exercise, and mixed martial arts conditioning, In addition to personal training, there are classes as well: Calisthenics 101 focuses on body weight as its own resistance with limited use of simple equipment. Boxing is a full-on cardio workout that includes throwing punches and fancy footwork. And Simply Stretching is the perfect way to end a session. 

Valley Spirit Wellness Center, in Washington Depot, conceived by Kristin Kunhardt, offers a variety of classes, emphasizing health, peace, and consciousness. Eight instructors offer yoga for all levels: energizing vinyasa, gentle flow, restorative, and kundalini; Fitness for a Smile, which incorporates the BOSU balance trainer and floor exercises for cardio, strength and core; high intensity interval training (HIIT) with yoga; and tai chi.

And at New Milford Fitness and Aquatics Club the large gym offers fitness classes, personal training, a lap pool, and a child watching service for a nominal fee. With all of these options there’s no time like now to get fit!




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