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Fashion Tips

Do This, Not That – Fashion Guide

It’s been said that great style is never out of fashion, but there are definitely some Dos and Don’ts. We recommend the following tips to make sure you’re always one of the best-dressed.

Don’t force the fit / If you can’t zip it, button it, or get it on without going through multiple contortions, then it’s probably not meant to be. Never mind being miserable with the pinching, itching, or rubbing.

Don’t be a squirrel  / If you haven’t worn it for two years, you probably never will, so either donate it, sell it, or discard it and make room for something new in your closet. We all tend to hoard, but those who are well-dressed generally do with less.

Do invest in the best  / Accessories matter. Good shoes, belts, and bags make an important statement about an individual. They can elevate even the simplest look, such as a white T and jeans. It’s worth buying the best that you can afford.

Do make accessories wardrobe extenders  / A great necklace, bright scarf, or funky hat is the perfect way to make the same black outfit a two-for-oner.

Don’t be a sucker for sales / Even if something is 50 percent off, ask yourself: Do I need it? Will I wear it? Will it work with the rest of my wardrobe?

Do be aware of proportions / A baggy top with a baggy bottom is not beautiful, just baggy—just as tight on tight can make one look like a sausage. This is a fine art and not a given one, but the general consensus is usually to wear a fitted bottom with a loose top or a fitted top with a loose bottom.

Do be weary of unrelated pieces  / Fabrics and patterns can be mixed—stripes with plaids is often a popular look—but they should compliment. So if you go bold keep the materials and hues the same.

Don’t be tricked by trends / They are fleeting and spending a lot of money on that ballerina-style party dress may only get you through one season, so be sparing when it comes to opening up your wallet.

Do go solo  / Monochromatic dressing is a non-brainer, great way to pack for traveling, and can be very flattering by elongating the look of ones limbs.

Don’t go solo  / From head to toe otherwise you risk looking like a popsicle! Break it up with an accessory and be careful when mixing fabrics and tones.

Do stand up straight / Good posture is essential. One can be wearing the most expensive outfit, but if you’re slouched over you might as well be in your PJs. Likewise, beautiful posture makes just about any outfit look just that—beautiful.

Do have fun  / Clothes are a statement about ourselves, so be authentic and true to yourself and you will be the envy of your friends no matter what you’re wearing!


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