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Fairfield’s Best Private School Grades 9-12 and School with a Religious Affiliation

Fairfield College Preparatory School voted Best in two categories for 2020 by Fairfield Magazine readers.

“Men for Others” is a phrase often heard at Fairfield College Preparatory School—an all-boys Jesuit high school on the campus of Fairfield University.
Being a “Man for Others” is a call to action. It is a call that Fairfield Prep teachers instill in the curriculum and daily life of the nearly 800 students who come in the doors of Prep each day. It’s a call that compels the young men who attend Prep to put the needs of others—no matter how big or small—above themselves. Most importantly, it is a call to build relationships with one another in a way that values the dignity of each individual person.
Above all, “Men for Others” is a foundational aspect of Prep that sets it apart from other schools.

“Academically I feel Prep can stand with any school,” says Dean of Guidance & College Advising John Hanrahan. “But the big difference with Prep is the opportunity for growth outside of academics.”

Founded in 1942, Fairfield Prep is the only Jesuit, Catholic secondary school in Connecticut. It has a diverse population, with young men hailing from more than 50 towns and a student body that includes more than 25 percent students of color.

Using a 500-year-old philosophy from its Jesuit roots, Fairfield Prep prepares young men for college and beyond by educating the whole person. The Jesuits call this cura personalis, and it’s at the heart of Prep’s mission to prepare young men with intellect and compassion so that they can take on the challenges of life with greater purpose.

“An outstanding faculty is committed in its vocation to form Men for Others,” says Principal Tommy de Quesada. “Our goal is to offer our students the very best formative experiences inside the classroom and beyond the bell.” Prep graduates go on to some of the most esteemed colleges and universities in the country, including Harvard, Princeton, and Yale.

“When people say Prep is a special place they’re not only talking about academics, athletics or arts,” Hanrahan said. “They’re talking about all of the other things that go on here. I think that when students graduate from here they have a better handle on their place in the world.”

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