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Fairfield’s Best Facial

Alchemy Skin Spa voted Best Facial for 2020 by Fairfield Magazine readers.

Located in historic Black Rock, Alchemy Skin Spa is a beautiful, serene space for one-on-one attention. Specialties include organic custom facials for mature, sensitive, sun-damaged teens as well as brow shaping and design. Alchemy Skin Spa also offers take-home care: organic, locally sourced line of skin care products, specially crafted to enhance, improve and maintain healthy skin. “My goal is for you to leave with your skin loved and in a healthy state of tranquility and peace,” says spa owner Malité.

For 22 years, Malité, a graduate of the Atelier Esthétique skin care school in New York City, and a master esthetician, has plied her craft in prominent spas and resorts. Living in Hawaii and California immersed her in different healing modalities, which she incorporates into all her organic facials.

Alchemy custom facials are uplifting procedures, encouraging you to relax and take time for yourself, improving both the look and feel of your complexion. As you nestle under soft sheets and are lulled into serenity, Malité treats your skin with luscious, organic products. She employs gentle, effective techniques designed specifically for you. Whether dehydration, pigmentation, acne, rosacea, sensitivity, or aging is of concern; skin is cleansed, smoothed, cleared, calmed, brightened and revitalized, revealing soft radiance without a hint of redness or blotchiness.

Alchemy’s primary goal is to coax your complexion into a healthy state by strengthening and balancing the skin rather than stripping away its natural defenses. To that end, key elements of my facial treatments include a scrupulous cleansing to remove embedded impurities, gentle exfoliation to shed dry skin cells, steam to prepare skin for extraction, a warm towel compresses to soften skin, massage to promote circulation and relaxation, and finally treatment masks to calm, hydrate and brighten.

alchemyskinspa.com / 3012 Fairfield Ave., Bridgeport, CT / 203-763-1552


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