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Fairfield’s Best Brows

The Brow Method voted Best Brows for 2020 by Fairfield Magazine readers.

Meet Fairfield’s brow guru, Bridget Barbosa, owner of The Brow Method at Marsona Horan Salon. Bridget has been in the beauty industry for nearly 20 years and offers a variety of services. Indeed, Marsona Horan Salon is your one-stop, nowhere-else-is-needed beauty destination. It offers everything from hair services to lashes and brows.

One of today’s “IT” services is microblading. Microblading is a hassle-free solution to beautiful fuller looking brows. This semi-permanent tattoo technique is used to mimic the look of real hair in order to create thicker, fuller brows. Your brows are not twins, but sisters, mapping the symmetry of the eyebrows is the most important process before the treatment.

Microblading is done using a handheld tool—much like a pen with little fine needles at the end—that scratches the surface of the skin. The tool gently deposits featherweight strokes with a cosmetic semi-permanent pigment while creating fine realistic looking hair strokes.

Unlike a tattoo, this technique is not penetrating the deep layers of the skin and is not permanent. The color can last up to 12 months and start fading within 18 months. If you are tired of filling your brows in everyday then, microblading is for you.

Bridget also offers lash lift and tint. This is a service that will curl and lift the lashes as well as tint them. Say goodbye to your lash curler! Microblading and lash lift and tint are taking the Internet by storm. They are a must. If you want to “wake up and glow” call Bridget at Marsona Horan Salon.

ptplusphysicaltherapy.com / 85 Mill Plain Rd., Fairfield, CT / 203-955-1795


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