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Editor’s Pick–The Whitlock’s farm to fork

You could call it love at first bite. Because restaurateur Matt Safarowic of Katonah’s The Whitlock, and farmer (and chiropractor) David Rowe of Katonah’s Orchard Hills Organics, have found they are like-minded individuals when it comes to bringing organic produce and fruits to The Whitlock’s customers. In 2017, Rowe expanded his operation and decided to look for a restaurant account. “Matt immediately was interested in what we were growing, bought what I had in my cooler right when we met, and the produce was on the menu that night,” says Rowe.

The partnership allows the farmer to quickly react to The Whitlock’s needs. “We were initially growing a larger leaf kale, then we heard that patrons like baby kale, so we grew more of that.” Safarowic adds, “What’s really phenomenal is that we’re the only restaurant account David has, which allows us to separate ourselves from other restaurants in the area working with local farms.” To keep the restaurant supplied during winter months, Orchard Hills has a number of greenhouses on the property. “We’re very into regional and seasonal—in the middle of February we can offer a heartier green while in the summer months the restaurant can offer up a lighter salad,” Rowe says. Later in the year, look for vegetables such as baby pak choi, Hakurei Japanese turnips, and orange watermelon on the menu.

The Whitlock
17 Katonah Avenue
Katonah, NY
(914) 232-8030


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