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Do You Believe in Ghosts? You Might After You Read This

Call me crazy, but I’ve always believed there is something beyond this life. I’ve seen psychic mediums, participated in group readings, and had my tarot cards read—all in the hopes of connecting with a high school boyfriend, to whom I never got to say goodbye. Luckily, I’m not alone. Several locals shared their real-life ghost stories with me—authentic sounding enough to give the biggest skeptic goosebumps. With Fairfield’s history—from witch hunts to the Revolutionary War—you have to expect some residual energy. Each family called on Lisa Marie Rolleri, founder of Angels Speak, a psychic medium and intuitive who performs home blessings.

Mary loved babysitting her neighbor’s daughter, but never felt comfortable in their home. She often heard noises, footsteps, and voices. “It felt like someone was right behind me, but I was too scared to turn around,” she explains. “I just knew no one would be there, but it felt so real.” Mary finally told her mother Laura about her experiences. Weeks later, Mary was babysitting again and went to tidy up downstairs after putting the baby to bed. She glanced at the baby monitor and saw a man’s face leaning into the crib. Determined to show proof to her mom, she snapped a photo on her phone. “We tried to rationalize,” Laura explains. “But it was unmistakable; there was something in that house.” Mary and Laura never said anything to their neighbors. Meanwhile, Laura was dealing with her own issues.

“We had two outdoor lights that worked on a sensor,” says Laura. “They were hardwired and controlled by a remote button.” The lights would go on and off by themselves. “I didn’t think much of it,” adds Laura. “It was more annoying than scary.” She assumed wires were crossed somewhere. One night she flipped the master switch in the attic, which should have killed the system. “As soon as I got back into bed, the lights went on again.” Slightly freaked out, she let it go.

Unknown Soldier
When they moved into their Fairfield home, Kristin’s daughter Caroline was two years old. Kristin often heard her talking to someone, but figured it was just an imaginary friend.

“Mommy, did you see him?” asked Caroline. Convinced it was a game, Kristin brushed it off, but also began to hear things too. First, a man’s voice on the baby monitor, then footsteps and the smell of cigar smoke.

As Caroline grew, she spoke to her imaginary friend more — often at night. Worried her daughter wasn’t sleeping, Kristin inquired again. “His name is Tom Tom,” replied Caroline. “He comes with me on the bus and to school.” When asked where he was from, Caroline explained, “He’s from the ground,” pointing to their backyard.

Now in first grade, Kristin asked Caroline to draw his picture. With crayons, she drew what resembled a soldier. He had a flat hat, high boots, and long coat. She added a map of a battleship with blood. Kristin was officially panicked and contacted Lisa for help, but omitted all details.

When Lisa arrived, she quickly saw and heard from “Tom Tom.” He told her he’d been stuck for hundreds of years. His name was Thomas Hicks, a commander master who died on the property in the Revolutionary War. He said Caroline reminded him of his daughter.

Lisa helped him cross over. When Caroline got off the bus from school, she immediately knew her friend was gone. In a recent reading with Lisa, Thomas came through, speaking directly to Caroline, and thanked Kristin for helping him.

Bad Juju
Looking to downsize, Laura’s family moved to a new home and almost immediately, Mary declared the house haunted. “My room was boiling hot, but freezing cold in one spot,” Mary explains. “I heard noises; doors would open by themselves.”

Not convinced, Laura dismissed it until one day she was walking down the stairs. “It was like my feet got pushed out from beneath me,” she recalls. “I thought I was going to die.”

At the same time, her eldest daughter Jenny went to college. Her room at home was set on the first floor, but she never lived in it. At school, Jenny was having a rough year.

Her former neighbor Kristin told her the story of Tom Tom, and recommended she seek Lisa’s counsel. “I contacted her, but didn’t say anything specific.”

Lisa came to the home and lit sage while calling upon her angels. She stopped at the spot on the stairs. “Something powerful is here.” In Laura’s son’s room Lisa found a father figure type that offered protection. In front of Jenny’s room, she asked for a blessing. The home has since been normal, and Jenny is enjoying college. All feel as if a weight has been lifted.

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