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CONTEST – Find the Fake

Somewhere in each of the TownVibe magazine issues (Bedford, Berkshire, Fairfield , Litchfield, Norwalk, Ridgefield Wilton) is a fake ad. Find it and fill out the form and be entered to win! Winner receives a gift certificate to an area business.

Deadline for entry for the Holiday issue is Jan 31.

Recent Winners

More than 200 people took part in our Fake Ad Contest in the Nov-Dec issues and Winter issue for Berkshire Magazine. We have a winner for each magazine. Congratulations to everyone who picked Ken’s Overalls (see below.) The winner, selected randomly from a list of all those who entered and provided the correct answer is:

1) Coni Guhl of Bedford.

2) Bryan Burns of Fairfield.

3) Mac Rand of Litchfield.

4) Paul Stoogenke of Ridgefield.

5) Sung Pak of Wilton.


Berkshire is Amanda Jones of Berkshire.

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