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Comfort Food

Apple butternut squash, caramelized onion gorgonzola, potato cheddar with broccoli and cauliflower … a bowl of soup conjures warmth. Jackie Bergman makes small batches each week with local ingredients—vegetables, meat, eggs and cheese—from local farms. She started Farm Country Soup 16 years ago, and her soups have spread to local markets, and now to her new café at 389 Stockbridge Rd. (Route 7) in Great Barrington.

“Our café menu, like our soup menu changes with the seasons,” Bergman says. Along with daily soup, she offers sandwiches, wraps and more, often flexibly carnivorous or vegetarian. And she has quarts of soup ready to take home. “I see this new venture as an opportunity to nourish the community with real food and to witness their enjoyment,” she says. “Our new space feels very much like home in every sense of the word—coming home to eat local fresh food,  to feel comfort and ease.”

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