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Clean as a Whistle

“Cleansing allows people to break an unhealthy eating habit,” says Elyce Jacobson, co-owner of Skinny Buddha, a popular vegan/gluten free food establishment in Mt. Kisco, where delicious fresh soups, desserts, and prepared meals are made daily. “It mentally puts an end to the habit and gives your system a tune up.” If you’re looking to eliminate toxins due to poor diet (sugar, processed foods) or antibiotics use or to kick start a healthier lifestyle, according to Jacobson, a cleanse can help you draw the line and give your system a tune up. On her suggestion, I tried Skinny Buddha’s one-day soup cleanse which included six soups and nothing else but water or herbal tea all day. “You should look at the cleanse as a way of taking care of your body, not a punishment,” she advised as she handed me my six pack. Each sixteen-ounce jar was filled with a different, flavorful concoction, starting with Apple Butternut Bisque and ending with Beet Paprikash. I felt remarkably full and satisfied all day, and ultimately more energized and lighter in the days that followed. Katonah Pharmacy offers custom juice cleanses to rid the body of toxins, boost metabolism, recalibrate blood sugar levels, or to address spiritual needs. Krystal Ryder, KP’s juice master, says each day’s cleanse includes five different juices that are customized for a customer’s dietary and caloric needs. KP’s customers often cleanse for more than a day. “Some do it for weeks for weight loss,” says Ryder. “The first couple of days are the hardest.”




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