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Litchfield Magazine Holiday Issue 2019

The holidays season stirs up old memories, revives annual traditions, and brings us together with family, friends, and neighbors. ~ Editor Mary Beth Lawlor THIS ISSUES CONTAINS MANY TERRIFIC ARTICLES, INCLUDING: Not Far From the Tree–Angevine generations celebrate Christmas, family, Read More

Wilton Magazine Holiday Issue 2019

I love to give meaningful gifts to the people I love. So it’s a no-brainer that Christmas ranks at the very top of my list of favorite holidays. ~ Editor Megan Smith Harris THIS ISSUES CONTAINS MANY TERRIFIC ARTICLES, INCLUDING:… Read More

Ridgefield Magazine Holiday Issue 2019

This is the time of year when we cordon off our life, embracing only family, friends, and good thoughts. And open up to connecting with the spirit of the season. ~ Editor Geoffrey Morris THIS ISSUES CONTAINS MANY TERRIFIC ARTICLES,… Read More

History Revealed–The 1637 Battle of Pequot Swamp

Strolling through Southport today, it’s easy to see the historic homes and to get a sense of the rich history of the area. But less obvious is the fact that just underfoot—in backyards, parks and woodsy parts of the area—is… Read More

Presents + Presence–The Gift of Simplicity

Unless you’ve been avoiding contemporary culture altogether, you have likely been pondering one of the various and wildly popular strategies for purging some of your possessions. This urge to declutter, simplify, and maybe even reduce our carbon footprint, however, doesn’t… Read More

Holiday Flair–The spirit of the season lives within this school

Sally Turner and Michael Dolinish of Mill River have been getting their Christmas tree at the New Marlborough Central School’s Holiday Fair for years. “It’s an annual tradition,” says Dolinish, who enjoys supporting the local school. While the fir trees… Read More

Berkshire Magazine Holiday Issue 2019

I’m thankful for that the natural world gives to me, without asking for anytinkg back. Happy 2020. ~ Editor Anastasia Stanmeyer THIS ISSUES CONTAINS MANY TERRIFIC ARTICLES, INCLUDING:   Women Giving–A sisterhood is taking action to foster change How women… Read More

Bedford Magazine Holiday Issue 2019

Happy Anniversary to us! It started simply in early 2005––”to prove, in fine writing and beautiful photography that it’s about time the Bedford area had its own magazine.”~ Jennifer Moore   THIS ISSUES CONTAINS MANY TERRIFIC ARTICLES, INCLUDING: A Plum Read More

Do You Believe in Ghosts? You Might After You Read This

Call me crazy, but I’ve always believed there is something beyond this life. I’ve seen psychic mediums, participated in group readings, and had my tarot cards read—all in the hopes of connecting with a high school boyfriend, to whom I… Read More

Litchfield 25

TownVibe / Litchfield Magazine hosts the Litchfield 25 reception and ceremony on Thursday, July 11 from 6pm-8pm. The Litchfield 25 reception and ceremony honors a select group of the Most Dedicated, Most Creative, and Most Influential Individuals as featured in… Read More