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School Spirit – Sister Kathleen at the heart of St. Patrick’s School

Back in 1964, when Sister Kathleen Fitzgerald, who was then called Sister Assumpta, was reassigned from her post teaching at St. Bernard’s on 14th Street in New York City, she told her mother she was being moved to Bedford. “Bedford, Massachusetts?” her mother asked. “No,” replied Sister Kathleen, who was raised in the South Bronx,… Read More

Fore! Playing it up with Rob Labritz – low-scoring Club Pro at the PGA Championship

Rob Labritz is a champion! It’s the mix of humility, steely confidence, and—simply stated—the best golf game in this region that make him so. Labritz is 48, lives in Pound Ridge with his wife and two kids, and is coming on two decades as the director of golf at GlenArbor Golf Club in Bedford. In… Read More

Berkshire 25 Reception and Ceremony

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TownVibe / Berkshire Magazine is pleased to host the 6th Annual Berkshire 25 reception and ceremony on Thursday, September 5 from 5:30-7:30 p.m. The Berkshire 25 reception and ceremony honors a select group of the Most Dedicated, Most Creative, and Most Influential Individuals as featured in the September issue of Berkshire Magazine. Each brings forward… Read More

Riding High – Comedian John Mulaney is Hot

John Mulaney is in his West Village apartment, wiped out at 1 p.m. His dog Petunia is splayed on the wood floor in the next room. The air conditioner is cranked. You’d think they had just completed a half-marathon. Farthest thing from it. What happened that morning may very well find its way into Mulaney’s… Read More

Woodland Sculptures – An artist couple gives life to dead trees

Three days before the opening of “One Impulse From a Vernal Wood,” this year’s contemporary sculpture exhibit at Chesterwood, I stepped into the woods and followed the sounds of machines to find artists Rick and Laura Brown. They were in a lift about 20 feet up a dying hemlock, attaching slats one by one to… Read More

Grandmother’s Recipe – Ooma Tesoro turns ten, but its marinara recipe goes way back

Michael Tesoro’s grandmother grew up in Brooklyn where her marinara sauce came to be known as the most delicious, simplest, and truest to the region of southern Italy from which she hailed. Among the myriad Italian grandmothers, it was agreed: Ooma Tesoro’s sauce was the best. The versatility of marinara—a simple sauce named for the… Read More

How We Met – Tindred Spirits

Erin Koczeniak and Adam Ray both joined Tinder for different reasons. She hoped to meet someone who shared her desire of having a family someday. Adam joined the online dating site because his friends were on it and urged him to try it. He had no expectations, but figured, why not? The way Tinder works… Read More

Ten Minutes With Missy Brown – Founder of Deep Play for Kids

Missy Brown is a member of the faculty at the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health in Stockbridge, MA, and president and founder of Deep Play for Kids. She lives in Fairfield and has dedicated her life to teaching and empowering others to help transform children’s lives through a type of yoga that focuses on … Read More

Swinging for the Majors – Local boys aims for the mlb

Dillon Lifrieri has loved baseball as long as he can remember. He dreamt the dreams of most little kids, to play in the Major Leagues just like the heroes he watched on TV and at the grand ballparks. But at a tender age, Lifrieri’s childhood dreams hit an emotional roadblock. “When I was ten and… Read More

Ten Minutes with Annie Farrell – A master farmer at millstone farm

Annie Farrell’s father was an NYPD detective and her mother was a “Lord & Taylor lady.” A fan of all creatures great and small, Farrell grew up with “a turtle pen, a snake pen, birds, and every critter I was allowed.” The family spent weekends at their lakeside home in North Salem, surrounded by farmland,… Read More